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Apple demonstrated Mac OS X 10.7, popularly known as Mac OS X Lion, to the public on 20th October, 2010 and started marketing it to the subscribers of Apple’s developer’s program from 24th February, 2011. It achieved golden master status on 1st July, 2011. The final .mercial release took place on 20th July, 2011. On the first day of its release, 1 million copies were sold. So far, the total number of copies sold is more than 6 millions. It is the eighth version of Mac OS X, Apple’s server and desktop operating system for Macintosh .puters. The earlier seven versions of Mac OS X were known as Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard. Hardware Requirements To install Mac OS X Lion on a .puter, the user needs the minimum hardware as follows. 1.X86-64 bit processors, such as Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7 or Xeon processor. 2.2GB of RAM. 3.7GB of hard drive memory 4.Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later version. Mac OS X 10.6.8 is ideal. To know more details about hardware requirements, expert opinion of a network support provider should be sought. Procedure To Install Mac OS X Lion Apple’s guide says To upgrade your Mac to OS X Lion, you dont need to drive to a store, bring home a box, and install a bunch of discs. All you need to do is to click the Mac App Store icon, buy Lion for $29.99, and your Mac does the rest. It implies that installing Mac OS X Lion is very easy, even for a layman. Just the following steps are to be executed. 1.It must be ensured that the Mac PC has required hardware to run Lion. To run Lion, a .puter needs any one of Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5.Intel Core ei7 or Xeon processors. The processor, on which the .puter runs, could be found out by clicking on the Apple icon on the top left of the .puter screen and then selecting the option ‘About this Mac’. 2.It must be ensured that the .puter has the latest version of Snow Leopard. Update the .puter with the latest version of Snow Leopard. If Snow Leopard is already installed in the .puter, the Apple icon should be clicked and the Software Update option should be selected. 3.Download the Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store. If the user faces any problem while installing Lion, a .puter support provider should be consulted. New Features Apple announced that over 250 new features have been added to Lion. Some of the main features are built in and high quality voices, picture in picture zoom, enhanced Yahoo! Support, iPhoto faces, etc. Built In And High Quality Voices VoiceOver of Lion features built in voices that speak 22 languages. Apart from that 6 more languages could be downloaded. Apart from built in voices in Lion, higher quality versions of the languages from VoiceOver utility could also be downloaded. For downloading, ‘Customized’ option from Voice pop up menu in the Speech pane should be selected. Picture In Picture Zoom The screen zoom feature in Lion provides a picture in picture view. It allows the user to view the zoomed area in separate window without changing the native size of the rest of the window. Enhanced Yahoo! Support The address book of Lion features enhanced synchronization with Yahoo! Contacts. After adding a Yahoo! account to the address book, the Yahoo! Contacts will immediately appear. If a contact is changed, the change will be instantly reflected in the Yahoo! Address book as well as the Mac. Airdrop Airdrop is the easiest way to transfer files through wireless network. It does not need any setup or special settings. It utilizes peer to peer Wi-Fi between active Mac PCs. It does not need any wireless network infrastructure or base station. If Wi-Fi suddenly drops, the help of a .puter support provider should be taken. Network Support For Mac OS X Lion Problems After it’s release, there have been reports on several bugs of Lion, such as random crashing, Wi-Fi dropping, Poor MacBook Pro Battery Life, freezing caused by video crashes, etc. Apple provides .puter support to resolve these bugs. If the users .e across the above mentioned bugs or any other bugs, they could consult any experienced network support providers. Though Mac OS X Lion has been developed for Apple .puters, it could be installed on Lenovo and HP PCs also. If any problem arises while installing Mac OS X Lion on Lenovo or HP PCs, assistance from Lenovo Support or HP Support providers should be sought. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: