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On the way to grab takeout brother room mobile phone claiming to financial difficulties was forced — original title: Hefei go by day to grab the mobile phone claiming to be forced by the bride victims to forgive an online news   according to the Anhui daily news   Hefei in the room with the road go by "robber", while a young woman will pay no attention to her hands mobile phone away, then riding a deiivery electric car fled. After several days of investigation, the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau of high tech Criminal Police Brigade police locked the suspect, cracked the case. However, in that matter behind the story, feel sorry for the police take little brother, the girl sympathized with him, to understand. Cycling men snatched the woman the day around 12 mobile phone in October 25th, near the city of Hefei, science Avenue and Maple Road junction, a young woman walking in the street, she walked a while holding a mobile phone to chat with others. The woman has been playing with her head down the phone, suddenly, a man riding a bike passing by her side, has not been waiting for her reaction, the hands of Apple’s 6S phone was snatched away. For two seconds, she could react, is robbed, the man riding electric car fled to the front of the junction. Woman while shouting in the rear to catch up, but because there is no other person at the time of the incident, she chased after a hundred meters can only watch the man fled to the west. The woman was not a little scared, after the help of passers-by to call the police. Take little brother fled to the home after the surrender of the victim according to the description and retrieval of the incident near the monitor, the police found mobile phone grab man was a young boy, he is wearing a blue hat, wearing a yellow and blue overalls, the electric car ride is also very bright color. After many days of Mopai, police found traces of this electric car in the vicinity of Qianshan Road in a shopping mall, the electric car is a fast-food restaurant owned, is usually used for delivery, written on several characters, so more conspicuous. Find the person in charge of the restaurant, the police finally locked the suspect in the small fast-food takeaway brother (a pseudonym). A small army of about 20 years old, home in Anhui, after the incident, a small army has returned to the home, the mobile phone has been robbed in the drawer, for fear that he did not dare to open, do not know how to do. At the same time locking a small army of police, Xiao Jun is also home to the local police station to. By claiming financial difficulties forced betrothal gifts after the arrest, a small army reluctantly what happened to him. A small army was born in a poor family, the mother alone will bear bitter hardships raised him and several sister. Small army of an uncle also suffers from disease, small army mother in addition to feed a few children, usually also take care of small army uncle. Because tired, small army mother body is not good. Small army in the eyes of his family is a sensible child, in order to reduce the burden on the home, he went out to work, before the incident in a pizza shop, send out a month to earn a few thousand dollars. Although not much, but enough of their own flowers. Let the small army is satisfied, he has a love each other girlfriend. Recently, his girlfriend was pregnant. For them, now the most important thing is to get married, a small army of his girlfriend’s family Tikai相关的主题文章: