No parsley! What are the Hyogo female

No parsley! What are the Hyogo female artist if we selected the most anime fans familiar with Japanese names, so in addition to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, well Hyogo Prefecture can also list. This is mainly due to an expression of popular beauty is voiced by Kana Hanazawa bag. But in fact, Hyogo indeed gave birth to a lot of beauty artist, recently Japanese media launched an investigation for college students. Please choose your love of Hyogo female artist! First 46 people (23%) Kasumi arimura second Keiko Kitagawa 43 (21.5%) third Saki Aibu 13 (6.5%) third years can Rena 13 people (6.5%) fifth Erika Toda 9 (6%) above the name, are currently in film and television, advertising plays a active person. With the college students are age Kasumi arimura rankings. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why we choose! Please introduce the reasons for choosing the first Kasumi arimura "gives a very pure feeling, also want to read." (female 20 years old) "because she gives a special feeling of purity." (24 year old male graduate student) "because it’s cute." (male 24 years of age) "can see her on TV every day, very good." (female 21 years old 3) – second Keiko Kitagawa "it is a beauty, but rarely dress up. That makes me feel good." (male 18 years old) "occasionally speak a little dialect, this is sprouting point ah." (19 years of age) "although a very popular girl, but the attitude is very modest, so people have a good impression." (18 years of age) "because it’s so beautiful."." (female 21 years old 3) – third Saki Aibu "on many occasions she had an active performance." (18 years old) "because it’s so beautiful."." (20 years old) "I liked her a long time ago." (20 years old) "because it’s cute." (female 22 years old 4) – third years can feel not Rena "is actually born in Hyogo prefecture." (male 21 years old) "I’ll always be there for her." (23 years old) "very natural, very cute." (23 years old female graduate student) "in order to revive, she is also in constant struggle." (male 23 years old 4) – fifth Erika Toda "very love her mature figure." (22 years old) "she’s a great role in the death note." (23 year old female graduate student) "she plays a very interesting TV series." (20 years old) "lovely"." (male 20 years old 2) – "Nao Matsushita. Because she is very beautiful." (male 19 years old 2) "takikawa Kristen. That’s a great charm." (female 21 years old) "Juri Ueno. Just feel good." (22 years old) Irena Matsui. I like that kind of feeling. product相关的主题文章: