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Is no reason to doubt   how to deal with the tourists (case) — Law — [case] travel abroad this is relaxed and the happy thing, however, Ms. Lin has recently encountered a dilemma. October this year, Ms. Lin travel to East asia. Prior to departure, Ms. Lin through the website of a local hotel reservation. The end of the trip, Ms. Lin check out of the hotel. Unexpectedly, on the evening of the day Schilling has received a letter booking email: "I hope you can return within 3 days to contact the hotel bathrobe…… If the hotel does not have your message within 3 days, the hotel indicated that it might have to deal with the alarm." I saw the police so harsh words, Ms. Lin is very worried, so quickly contact the hotel. Ms. Lin introduced, bathrobe before using and put it in the room. After use, bathrobe wet, Ms. Lin will be placed in a bathrobe clothes basket in the doorway. The hotel is that Ms. Lin took a bathrobe. "When I answered the phone, the hotel waiter asked," is it in your suitcase?" Lin said here is very angry: I explained, the waiter also expressed doubts that the first check, there is no apology." After returning home, Ms. Lin did not receive the phone and apologize to the hotel, the hotel will be on the reservation site to give a poor service evaluation. Later, the website reply said on behalf of the hotel to apologize for the inconvenience. Ms. Lin to the hotel service again to give bad, to the hotel website forwarding mail, thank you for and explain: "we never doubted our guest room, then there are only a bathrobe, we just want to know the whereabouts of a bathrobe." Hotel service staff before the attitude and the content of the mail paradox." Ms. Lin said, not carefully checked asked passengers, and afterwards do not apologize, do not feel respected, don’t consumers can only eat yabakui.? [Liu Junhai] is professor at the Renmin University of China law school believes that consumers enjoy the right of personal dignity, this is not only China consumer protection law, many countries also confirm and protect the personal dignity of consumers. If the merchant violates the dignity of consumers, consumers questioned the innocence, and not apologize promptly, will give consumers mental pain. Liu Junhai believes that in accordance with the international commercial custom of the hotel industry and the best business ethics, the hotel should apologize to Ms. Lin an apology; in addition, many international hotels will offer to pay a modest pension or apologized, said the next free accommodation. The hotel should not identify the situation that attraction is Ms. Lin took the bathrobe. For the failure of staff, the hotel does not admit in the mail and telephone, is a violation of the dignity of consumers. Ms. Lin in the bad hotel, thanked Ms. Lin to stay, justify their behavior, Liu Junhai believes that both of which did not touch the core of the problem is the key problem, had used improper remarks, improper wording questioned Ms. Lin, the fast, this is the crux of the problem. The hotel should strengthen the details of management, regulate the language of communication with consumers, with visitors can accept the manners of civility, respect for the right to respect the personality of consumers相关的主题文章: