Ningbo Metro bus ride free Zhongshan East Road Traffic significantly reduced-chompoo araya

Ningbo Metro bus ride free Zhongshan road traffic flow significantly reduced you have not put down the steering wheel "green travel"? Today, all urban rail transit and conventional bus routes all free ride in Ningbo. Xiao Bian in response to the call, early in the morning to ride a public bike to work. Stop your car, let us take the steps, the preferred public transportation, green travel. Today, all urban rail transit lines including the No. 1 line, line 2, bus line includes all bus operations in the area of Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei, Yinzhou, Zhenhai, Beilun City area six. The free, is part of the 2016 bus travel Awareness Week series of activities this year, bus travel Awareness Week theme is the preferred public transportation · green travel, in order to encourage the public to use public transport. This morning, a lot of people do not know today bus ride free, come up with a bus card ready to swipe, the bus driver reminded to know. Ningbo sent reporters learned that in Ningbo, subway and bus free is not the first time. After 2012 to ease the traffic impact of Typhoon "sea anemone", alleviate the traffic pressure on the city and convenient public travel, has carried out six free bus, a total of 2 million 600 thousand people on the bus, passenger traffic increased by about 10%, people spoke highly of the free bus.相关的主题文章: