Ningbo guy drove off the bridge, thanks to the alarm system to save him-9c8836

Ningbo guy driving fast down the bridge thanks to the alarm system to save him in November 8th at 9 pm, Ningbo high-speed traffic police detachment command center received the vehicle collision warning system to self-help "information, a Ningbo license Chevrolet car in G92 Expressway happened. Therefore, about the location in great saphenous near 6 km. After the alarm, the high-speed traffic police rushed to the scene of the accident, the strange thing is, on the highway and did not see the accident vehicle. A few minutes later, the police in a small hill near the careful search, found that the small hill protection network is damaged, continue to look forward to find a bridge, the following is a 3 meters wide river. Did the vehicle fly down the bridge? In the dim light, the police finally found a ramshackle black car on the right side of the dam below the bridge. Serious damage to the vehicle, the tail hanging in the air, the front window, rear window glass all broken, the license plate is missing. The driver was lying on the driver’s seat, trembling all over the body, and the police continued to speak to the driver, but the other party did not respond. Subsequently, 3 fire engines arrived at the scene, fire officers and soldiers carrying professional equipment for rescue, and soon the driver was lifted out. After getting out of trouble, the driver gradually regained consciousness, his surname Huang, 29 years old, Yuyao people, before the incident from Ningbo to Yuyao home, for how to fall to the high speed bridge, he also said it was not clear. Subsequently, the driver Hwang was sent to the ambulance, went to the nearest hospital for further examination and treatment. Police said that the accident, the yellow car "car collision self-help alarm system" has played an important role. In that state, passing through the vehicle is difficult to find the accident car, and the driver unconscious after the incident, it may be to second days will be found during the day. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

宁波小伙高速驾车冲下桥 多亏这个报警系统救了他 11月8日晚上9时许,高速交警宁波支队指挥中心接到“车辆碰撞自助报警系统”发来的信息,一辆宁波牌照雪佛兰轿车在G92杭甬高速上发生了事故,大概位置在过大隐6公里附近。接警后,高速交警立即赶到事故现场,奇怪的是,在高速公路上并没有看到事故车辆。几分钟后,民警在一处小山丘附近仔细寻找,发现小山丘的防护网有破损,继续往前方寻找发现一处桥梁,下面是一条3米左右宽的小河。车辆是不是飞到桥下去了?微弱的灯光下,民警终于在桥梁下方右侧的泥坝上发现一辆摇摇欲坠的黑色轿车。车辆损毁严重,车尾悬在空中,前窗后窗玻璃全部破裂,车牌也不见了。驾驶员仰躺在驾驶座上,浑身颤抖,民警不断向驾驶员喊话,但对方没有回应。随后,3辆消防车赶到现场,消防官兵携带专业设备进行救援,很快驾驶员被抬出。脱离困境后,驾驶员渐渐恢复了意识,他姓黄,今年29岁,余姚人,事发前从宁波赶往余姚家中,对于如何掉落到高速桥下,他也说不清楚。随后,驾驶员黄某被送上救护车,前往就近医院接受进一步检查救治。民警称,本次事故中,黄某车上的“车辆碰撞自助报警系统”发挥了重要作用。在那种状态下,路过车辆很难发现事故车,且驾驶员事发后毫无意识,有可能要到第二天白天才会被发现。目前,事故原因仍在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: