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"The night" incarnation of literacy big drama Qianzai culture hidden in a Book – Sohu entertainment "will night" concept poster Sohu entertainment news by God pictures, cat film, new media Lai, reading group, golden media CO produced a large costume drama "night" will be released before the project started and behind the production team, in the lead network for casting hot at the same time, also aroused many fans for the original "chasing more memories". "The night" is not only a good story, but also a condensed history of the history of China’s high literary works, can be repeated to read the unique charm. Long empty month small characters in the epic star’s own philosophy of life "the night" is not a traditional "ordinary teenagers hanging open history", from the beginning of the first chapter, whether the actor "lack" or "heroine Sangsang", not a "should be the protagonist". Lack is really the "little guy", folk flavor, honest never he has nothing to do, he is not ordinary, grew up in the wholesale slaughter in veteran let him tough as steel, "impenetrable". But this work is not full of negative energy, some fans said: "" the night "the cruelty of life off dismantling in front of people, in the cruel or peace and joy, this is the life", also for many years as moonless sky, its own sparkling stars. The growth process will lack contains thinking about self-awareness, through his delicate language called tricky readers began to think about the relativity of fairness, justice and moral boundaries, not to speak, but hope that through the care of humanity, let the reader have together with their thinking. The millennial culture hidden lines "will night" world view "will night" cover and contain everything not only thinking about the philosophy of life, there are Chinese connotation of classical culture, such as the great country "in the book of Tang Tang" will be pursued first, even the "master" that eternal sage respected the compassion Buddha school; with compassion, monk even willing to pay the life; College of Saint master body of preaching, climbing, light the world. This is not only "the thought of equality in western languages", the essence of the university more involved in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism ", and" into the night "will the world join tricky unique interpretation of the way, people lead a person to endless aftertastes. Such as big brother and the first lecture in the book on the battle is visible tricky knowledge of the deep, the big brother said: "the world is the same car line, when do not look! He is not! Non finger!" It is from the "Analects of Confucius" in the "lift car, be upright, hold on. In the car, do not look, do not he, do not point." The lecture first said "Wen Chao and Xi Zhiming" is from "Wen Chao, Xi can die". The book many tricky affair can be found by the source, at the same time in the description of the University said Maoni is not like many Internet writers of Buddhism and Taoism in the history of aerial image to demonize, hidden in the original Chinese traditional culture, will become a classic masterpiece. "The night" preparatory plan is being carried out in everything in good order and well arranged all the major role, will also be finalized, then the hearts of the fans, too, lack big brother and other classic image will also break through the wall dimension to meet with the audience.相关的主题文章: