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The Information Office of the protection of human rights in the judicial field China progress – Politics – Xinhua news agency in Beijing in September 12, the State Council issued the "12 new progress" the protection of human rights in the judicial field China white paper. The full text is as follows: first, continue to improve the judicial protection of human rights mechanism comprehensively deepen the reform of the judicial system, the rational allocation of judicial authority, improve the judicial responsibility system, and vigorously promote open justice, establish and perfect the national justice system, safeguard the rights of lawyers and the supervision rights of citizens. Further optimize the allocation of judicial authority, to ensure that the judicial and procuratorial powers independently and impartially according to law. The eighteen and the eighteen session of the third and fourth plenary session made significant deployment of deepening the reform of the judicial system. 2014 to 2015, the central comprehensive deepening reform leading group held its 19 plenary meeting, which involves the issue of judicial reform of the 13, to consider the adoption of the reform of the 27 judicial documents. Public security organs to improve the operational mechanism of law enforcement power, promote the reform of the case filing system, increase the audit of the case filing supervision. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate formulated "on deepening the views of procuratorial reform (20132017 work plan)". The Supreme People’s Court issued "on deepening the comprehensive reform of the people’s court opinions — the people’s Court of the fourth five year reform outline (20142018)". Since 2014, improve judicial accountability, improve judicial personnel classification management system, perfecting the judicial occupation guarantee system, to promote the district court below the provincial procuratorate unified management of provincial four reform pilot gradually across the country. The reform of litigation system centered on trial is steadily advancing. 2014, Beijing, Shanghai people’s court and the formation of the cross administrative division of the people’s Procuratorate, for cross regional major criminal, civil and administrative cases, solve some parties "dispute litigation jurisdiction" and "subjective" problems, promote the uniform and correct implementation of law. In 2015, the Supreme People’s court in Shenzhen, Shenyang set up the Supreme People’s court, the second circuit court of first trial, cross regional major administrative and civil cases throughout the year, received a total of 1774 cases, 1653 cases were closed, within time limit clearance rate was 100%. Gradually establish and improve the judicial responsibility system, the prosecutor prosecutor handling the main position is more prominent. Gradually improve accountability presiding judge, the full court handling the responsibility and the prosecutor handling the responsibility to clear the judges, prosecutors handling the powers and responsibilities, the office is responsible for life quality of cases, strict liability of misjudged cases, the formation of clear responsibilities, powers and responsibilities of a unified and orderly management of the judicial power operating mechanism. The reform of judicial documents signed clear mechanism, in addition to the judicial committee for discussion and decision of cases, the president of the court, vice president, President of the referee did not directly participate in the case of no longer issued audit. The president of the court, the president clearly in addition to participate in the judicial committee, judge professional meetings, not to participate in the trial of cases no published opinion, not directly deny the sole judge and court. The reform of the judicial committee system, the trial committee of the review of the implementation of sound recording, video recording, leaving marks, all members of the committee to participate in the discussion and voting相关的主题文章: