New graphic Modern i30 vigorous Korea niche

New graphic: Modern i30 vigorous Korea niche Phoenix car · modern car diagram in 2009 i30 had introduced, positioning movement compact car, but by the modern design and the influence of the mass, has not been a real concern. Now in front of us is the third generation models, this generation of models both in yen value or product level force is not lost to the European, Japanese and American rival, coupled with the domestic consumers of various models more love, it seems i30 domestic is not impossible. In appearance, and Lang is different, the third generation i30 with a more aggressive style of movement, which is from the honeycomb grille, large aggressive headlights and concise body lines can be seen in these years, the Korean yen value of not losing to any rival this is also a lot of people choose it the most intuitive. The interior, i30 all black interior is very attractive to young people’s eye, split screen in the control needed time to adapt, but the operation is more convenient, the small size of the three spoke steering wheel with a leather wrapped, feel good, punching seat with memory function with cortical level rare, in addition, seat heating and ventilation steering wheel heating and driving mode control function also appears on its body. Power, the whole system there are optional diesel engines 1.4T and 1.6T two gasoline engine and a 1.6T, there is no dynamic data, but is currently equipped with 1.4T engine should be in Lang above that, the whole system comes standard with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox DCT. Conclusion: from the Korean heartthrob in face value, power, comfort configuration and other aspects reached the same level the level in recent years, the progress of technology in modern cars is obvious to people, I believe that as long as the price is reasonable, after the introduction of the country it will set off a wave in the small steel gun Market in.相关的主题文章: