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Network transmission of the new college entrance examination recommended that the parents read the 8 points, I believe many people and reporters, has been dazzling scores. Since it is the score, it is sure to find a more reliable math teacher. So, the reporter went to consult the Hangzhou Normal University President Cai Xiaoxiong. The headmaster is Cai math grade teacher, with competition class, or the best-selling book "more excellent high school mathematics thought and method of the author" (your baby may have a bookcase), generally not wrong. He carefully read this is the so-called "new college entrance examination eight suggestions", think there is some truth, at first glance, can justify. But he believes that the overall look more extreme, because of neglect of the following two questions — the day before, my parents give money for education WeChat studies treasure message, this is a new college entrance examination and related news. They ask, this fly? We take a look at the reporter and the news — the new college entrance examination in October and English examination results came out, the students on the subjects how to treat? Recommendations are as follows: 1, to test the elite as the goal. In order to test the Zhejiang University as an example, in 2016 in Zhejiang province of Zhejiang university enrollment is around 2000. In the past 3000 less than the provincial science and technology, within the liberal arts can be tried within 800. According to the new system of college entrance examination scores, more than 280 thousand candidates, regardless of Arts, is the 2800 top 1%. So, admitted to Zhejiang, the basic subjects must be more than 97 points is possible. To test scores above Zhejiang University schools, examination results are not 97 points, is certainly a drag, need to take second exams. 2, in order to test the following Zhejiang score 985 goals for the University, 211. Subjects 94 minutes is necessary. This science East China University of Science and Technology (211) admission Toudang ranking number is a bit more than 6900, more than 63 points a line. Of course, located in remote areas of the 985, 211 school scores must be much lower. So, 94 subjects should be enough. Less than 94 minutes to retake. 3, in order to test a traditional College (not 211) as the goal. The examination of 88 points, the top 15% candidates. The traditional one in the province is about 15%. In this way, 88 points in theory is guaranteed. However, since it is the two row level, and is likely due to the same score a crossed, drawn more than the ratio of the number is also possible. So, 88 points is not enough, must retake. 4, in order to test the traditional two, is also the public as the goal of the undergraduate. Marking may be between 20%~30%. If the line 30%. The examination of 82 points, accounted for 28%. Well, basic capital preservation. 5, to take the test line above the target. The new college entrance examination plans to designate 60% candidates as the second paragraph, which is undergraduate (people based) or more. The examination of 70 points, accounted for 57%. Basic break even. However, this kind of candidates tend to a number of English language subject is very short board, and subjects 70 points, improve the ratio of space to improve the short board discipline grasp a greater number of English language. Recommended to continue learning, and then take a test. 6, in 70 subjects;相关的主题文章: