Net transfer of Kunming issued a limited amount of Xiongben bus card Kunming bus negative (Figure) –

Network transmission Kunming limited Xiongben bear bus card Kunming bus negative (Figure) – Yunnan Beijing News (reporter Li Hongkai) recently, a "Kunming special limited edition bus card, brush HelloKitty, Xiong Benxiong news cartoon version of free" WeChat burst circle of friends. After the reporter contacted the Kunming public transport group confirmed: Kunming bus has never been launched in any form of HelloKitty, Xiong Benxiong bus card, this kind of special card and Kunming bus company no relationship. The afternoon of October 8th, Sina micro-blog @ Kunming bus Refco Group Ltd were top of the rumor on the news. [statement] recently, a limited edition version of the Kunming special bus card, HelloKitty, Xiong Benxiong cartoon version free to send the news brush burst WeChat circle of friends. It is reported that this information by a micro shop public number issued, saying that this bus card has 100, and in order to receive such a public transport card need to pay attention to the public number. Here, the Kunming public transport group Kunming bus card company that never, in any form, Xiongben launched the HelloKitty Xiongka bus card, the card shaped without any relationship with our company, my company issued the message, which is false information, please the majority of people do not believe! At the same time, the Kunming public transport official bus card with "Kunming bus" signs, please seriously identify the public. In October 9th, the director of public transportation card Co. Ltd. Kunming city administration group had an interview with reporters, said: at present, the Kunming public transport group, the card company has never in any way to launch HelloKitty, Xiong Benxiong issued a public transportation card, the card and the company without any special relationship; secondly, all kinds of Kunming bus IC card is through the Ministry of housing and certification according to the quasi financial system standard issue, any of our authorized units shall be entitled to the external sale of Kunming bus IC card; third, all of our issuance of bus IC card will be through formal channels such as news propaganda, known as the zodiac lovers card issued before we have published in major news media. Therefore, without any official publicity channels for sale of bus IC card, are not credible.相关的主题文章: