Net transfer after the purchase of second-hand housing in Nanjing surge said the industry maintain w pretty rhythm

Net transfer after the purchase of Nanjing second-hand housing industry called "surge" keep "wait and see" Nanjing Beijing 28, September (week Sihang Zhang Yao) between Nanjing 25 days after the introduction of restriction policy overnight, online crazy second-hand housing market is the seller took the opportunity to price increases, random increase phenomenon. 28, the reporter learned that the current market holds second-hand housing owners, the more choice is to maintain a wait and see attitude, dare not rashly substantial price increases". In September 25th, the Nanjing municipal government issued the main city property purchase restrictions policy, made it clear that in the main city area, in Nanjing has 1 or more housing units, and non city residence households, not to purchase new housing and second-hand housing; with 2 sets and two sets in Nanjing residents family on the purchase of new housing, no new housing. The new premises are not limited to second-hand housing, such a big blow to developers and investors, while sales and the upcoming sale of the project will also be tested. But for the new second-hand housing market gap left by local people to buy second-hand housing is still no limit, then, overnight online crazy second-hand housing market took the opportunity to price increases, the seller random increase, anyway, the house buchoumai. "There is no Internet rumors before the crazy prices, homeowners from the registration information, the price is the same as before, only a few homeowners, at the time of purchase after second days, give us a call to the staff said the price high point, but is not much. Such homeowners will be up to two or three." Gulou District, a real estate broker said. Compared to the case of the opportunity to take advantage of the price of second-hand housing owners, the reporter learned that the current market holds the second-hand housing owners, more choices are a wait-and-see attitude, do not dare to move. Because the future of the market in the end how to go, who dare not judge. I love my family’s real estate broker, compared to the amount of real estate before the auction listing, there is no obvious change. However, he told reporters that there is a very interesting phenomenon, after the purchase, he continued to receive a lot of second-hand housing owners currently hold a telephone call, they want to put in the hands of the house for sale now postponed for a period of time to sell. In the real estate website, a lot of information on the owner of the note, are written to sell, at any time, but to wait until December". Some simply did not even write time, only to wait for a period of time. In this regard, insiders said, first of all, the house is limit, then the future new home premium rate will be high, but this is in the secondary housing body is not reflected, second-hand housing will not be affected. Secondly, the price of land to increase the rate of housing prices, but this can not rely on second-hand housing, mainly by new projects will be driven by new projects. So, in the short term to start with the second-hand housing is indeed good, but the market can maintain long, who dare not assert. After all, Nanjing is a day of change is not impossible. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: