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UnCategorized The country of Nepal often conjures up romantic images of snow capped mountains, adventure, spirituality, a pristine environment and a pace of life untouched by the modern world. Of course all of this is true. It is a nation which deserves terms such as Shangri-La and the abode of the gods. An interesting aspect of the culture of this land is the Nepali songs and music that can be heard wherever you travel. Nepal is undergoing a period of dramatic change. Gone are the days of the monarchy, now the nation is the world’s youngest democracy. But the culture has not been diluted by the upheavals in politics and society. Today there is a diverse field of styles and traditions that have not dropped in popularity. There are still a large number of musicians who perform traditional folk songs while in Kathmandu and Pokhara you can listen to Nepali rock and pop music. The following categories are the main styles that are available to be heard in the towns and villages of this beautiful country. Folk Music: Traditional Nepali folk music is an integral part of the culture. In a country where television, radio, and the internet are not so widely available it is the traditional songs that keep the bonds between ethnic groups and the generations tightly linked. The Nepalese people take any opportunity to take part in or watch musical performances and activities. If you have never spent time in the country then you may not have .e across such beautifully crafted pieces of music. Pop Music: Everywhere in South Asia pop music has its aficionados and devotees and this is no different in Nepal. In fact the country has been producing pop artistes since the 1960s. For example singers such as Kumar Basnet, Bikram Bista, and Harish are perennial favourites. Today the genre has found new fans amongst the youth of the country thanks to performers such as Crossroad, Sanjay Shrestha, Sanjeep Prashan, Bapin Pradhan, Bhim Tuladhar, and Deepak Bajarcharya to name but a few. Rock Music: Rock music is a genre that has grown in popularity over the last decade. Today the most popular artists and bands include the internationally known 1974 AD as well as Karma and Uglyz. Remix Songs: The remix industry is not just big in Nepal’s southern neighbour India, it is also a huge hit in the country itself and especially so in the entertainment venues of the capital Kathmandu. It was not really until the year 2007 that Nepal’s DJs started to create their own versions of classic hits such as DJ Raju’s Chyangaba Hoi Chayangab. Following on came such artists as DJ Santosh and DJ LX who are still popular entertainers in Kathmandu even after the closure of all the city’s infamous dance bars and strip joints. If you want to check out for yourself a selection of the diverse styles of music that have .e out of this small landlocked country then you can easily do so by checking out the tracks available online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: