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NDRC: Chinese "double" is still active over 40 billion funds will come out – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 25 (Xia Bin) capital dormant, winter comes? Recently, the argument on the Chinese entrepreneurs difficult financing noisy dust. Look at economic phenomena can not only look at the index data, but also to look at trends and trends." 25 in the State Council Information Office held a press conference, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission for China Lin Nian Xiu "venture investment into the winter" point of view to respond. He pointed out that, from the development trend and the global hit ", Chinese is in the golden age of entrepreneurship and innovation, the fundamentals support the" double "long have not changed for the better, the" double "is still in the active period". Lin Nian Xiu from the three aspects of the current development situation of Chinese investment are analyzed. First, from the point of view of the scale of investment, the current overall level of China’s venture capital at a high level. According to the statistics of the venture capital industry group, in recent years, China’s venture capital stocks have shown a sustained growth trend. Although the second half of last year since the development of venture capital investment has been slow, the new fund part of the gold number, the number of investment cases and other indicators of volatility, but the first half of this year, investment in capital stock has increased by 5.1%, amounted to about 410000000000 yuan. Secondly, from the investment point of view, venture capital institutions continue to focus on emerging industries and new technologies. Bayashi Nanaga said that the venture capital institutions continue to lower on-line model innovation project on the line at the same time, more popular in artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology innovation project. In addition, venture capital institutions continue to favor the start-up companies, but also pay more attention to the investment business is clear, stable growth of enterprises. Finally, from the perspective of the venture capital industry is still strong confidence in the market. Bayashi Nanaga pointed out that, according to the relevant statistics, the current venture capital institutions more than 90% of that in the first half of this year the project valuation is more reasonable; 77% venture capital institutions that offer the same amount of funds, require a higher level of business and more professional and fine services; almost all venture capital institutions are considered relatively rational investment behavior is conducive to the healthy development of entrepreneurial ecology the. Lin Nian Xiu think, two years before the venture capital show explosive growth, the market digested a batch of high-quality projects accumulated, and the new project development takes time, "the investment behavior of the silent period is" normal "". The next step how to promote the development of venture capital, Lin Nian Xiu revealed that the size of over 40 billion yuan of venture capital fund in emerging industries will soon officially put into operation, the place also in the establishment of work and actively promote the equity fund, "the formal operation of venture capital fund is very beneficial to the next step of venture capital development." (end)相关的主题文章: