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National People’s Congress: sewage charges to be proposed to change the ring of motor vehicle emissions or tax exemption Beijing News on the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed the implementation of the statutory principle of Taxation, the first draft of the Tax Law yesterday unveiled. On the same day, the NPC Standing Committee to consider the draft environmental protection law, the draft will be the current "sewage charges" to "environmental tax" environmental protection tax standard to the current standards of sewage charges for tax exemption limit, traffic emission, were not included in the scope of environmental tax levy. Sewage charges from the tax burden to the environmental protection tax yesterday, the Ministry of finance minister Lou Jiwei to the NPC Standing Committee for the draft, said that from 2003 to 2015, the country’s total sewage charges levied 211 billion 599 million yuan. Sewage charges system plays an important role for the prevention of environmental pollution, but compared with the tax system, sewage charges system has insufficient rigidity, law enforcement and local government departments intervention and other issues, it is necessary to reform. Lou Jiwei said, to achieve the smooth transfer of pollutant discharge fee system to the tax system of environmental protection, the draft will pay sewage charges as environmental tax taxpayers will be taxable emissions as the tax basis, the existing sewage charges as taxes limit environmental tax. Because it is from the sewage fee tax translation to environmental taxes, environmental taxes levied on the object with the current sewage charges linked to the collection of objects for atmospheric pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste, noise. Although the tax standards set by the draft standards for the current sewage charges for the lower limit of the tax, but given the local authority to develop a floating tax rate. Lou Jiwei said, "considering the large differences in the country, to allow local provisions of the" environmental protection tax taxable items and tax table "standard as the basis, the applicable tax taxable floating pollutants." Motor vehicle emissions to be duty-free is considering the travel tax and other tax bill also requires 5 cases, including Tax Taxable pollutants on emissions of motor vehicles, vessels and aircraft and other mobile sources." Lou Jiwei explained that the current tax system considering the existing travel tax, consumption tax, vehicle purchase tax and other taxes, regulate the production and use of motor vehicles, the travel tax and consumption tax according to the displacement of tax in the process of structural tax environment, should further increase the use of cost. On the basis of the present regulations, centralized processing places City centralized sewage treatment and garbage, emissions of pollutants as long as the standards, is exempt from sewage charges. The continuation of the draft regulations, the place is also exempt from environmental tax. However, the concentration of industrial sewage treatment sites are not included in the scope of tax exemption, still pay environmental taxes. Previously, Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining NPC and CPPCC national press conference said that the development of the environmental protection law of the core purpose is not to increase the tax, but in order to establish a mechanism to encourage enterprises less pollutant emission, a plurality of rows of row less pay taxes, pay less taxes. The draft reflects the above principles, in order to encourage enterprises to reduce emissions through the use of advanced technology, the provisions "the concentration of air pollutants and emissions of taxpayers taxable water pollutants is lower than the prescribed national or local pollutant emission standards 50%, environmental tax levied". Asked why the 1 environmental tax levy no CO2 from the official data show that from 2000 to 2010, China’s carbon dioxide emissions accounted for相关的主题文章: