National Day golden week Beijing tourism spending 8 billion 400 million yuan Folk Tour the most popu soojin

National Day golden week Beijing tourism spending 8 billion 400 million yuan Folk Tour most popular – Beijing, October (reporter Yu Lixiao) today is the last day of the National Day Golden week. Beijing Tourism Commission holiday office 7, informed that the total number of tourists received a total of 11 million 195 thousand tourists in Beijing, a decrease of 2.8% over the same period last year, total tourism income of $8 billion 400 million (RMB, the same below), an increase of 1.1%. Affected by the rainy weather and fog, "eleven" holiday, Beijing received domestic tourists to Beijing 2 million 760 thousand passengers, 1.1% less than the same period last year; domestic tourism consumption of 6 billion 860 million yuan, an increase of 2.1%. The domestic tourists to Beijing per capita consumption of 2485 yuan, up 3.2%. This year, the major scenic spots featured activities, welcomed by tourists. Tiantan Park held two Kagura tour in the area every day the National Day Concert Kagura department? ", allowing visitors to watch traditional and Shao music performances held in Old Summer Palace; the" future of the digital science and Technology Park "Carnival, with the combination of performances, exhibitions and technology, highlighting the interaction with tourist experience. The National Day holiday park garden activities focus on "cultural mix, historical garden + garden ecological civilization" has become the mainstream. Hold all kinds of flower exhibition in the classical royal garden, such as the Summer Palace, Tiantan scenic area of Osmanthus exhibition rose exhibition, Beihai park main attractions of the Zhongshan Park autumn chrysanthemum, orchid show, visitors visiting historical sites at the same time, but also to enjoy the autumn flowers in autumn. The data show that the "eleven" period, the the Imperial Palace pre-sale limiting measures, the capacity is limited to 80 thousand people, the amount of tourists is relatively smooth and orderly; the Summer Palace tourists 420 thousand passengers, down 21%; Tiantan tourists 420 thousand passengers, down 21.7%; Badaling tourists 351 thousand passengers, reduced by 8.9%. Folk tourism is the biggest highlight of the National Day holiday this year, autumn to the outskirts of riding, hiking, flowers of tourists increased significantly. 7 days holiday in a total of 4 million 335 thousand tourists trips, an increase of 9.3%; realize the tourism income of 440 million yuan, up 7.8%. The suburb of Pinggu launched the Green Valley breeze, cool summer leisure tourism picking season, and the new glass plank project experience, 7 days received folk tourists 900 thousand passengers, revenue 80 million 840 thousand yuan, up 13.2% and 16.3% respectively. Highway free policy has been implemented for 5 years, Beijing and the field of self driving continued growth. During the National Day this year, Beijing highway vehicles up to 5 million 755 thousand, an increase of 23.8%; Beijing 21 million 960 thousand tourists, up 18.5%. (end)相关的主题文章: