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National Day give up Jiuzhai, are close to world-class beauty! Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcome attention.) it is not far from Jiuzhai, Jiuzhai more wonderful than quiet possession in Sichuan on the nine Ring Road, is a wild giant panda habitat, no SLR filters, just one shot is large! It is the white horse Wang Lang, Chengdu in the past as long as 5 hours or so! The white horse king long walks! White Wang Lang belongs to the Mianyang Pingwu core protection area of the Hengduan Mountains in Himalaya, the white horse race, mysterious rich and diverse ecosystems, like forests, lakes, wetlands and other mountain meadow have! The National Day in October, the white horse Wang Lang scenic spots inside the color forest Snow Festival, is a good time to see the color forest oh! A sister last week just cut the trip, very comfortable, give you a detailed introduction! The first day of three pm departure from Chengdu, went into high speed, get off at the Mianyang North toll station, and then transfer to highway 205, after Jiangyou, to open 2 hours to get to Pingwu! On the way, but also after nine Huang Shan, but the time is not tight to play! Drive to the Pingwu 7 point about night in Pingwu the most prosperous areas — Long Town, is the old town stay for dinner. Eat the old local bacon, lived in the town hotel, 128 yuan for a small suite, but also poke mahjong! Second days after starting at eight a.m., Mianyang mountain palace – Temple, spent 40 yuan tickets to go around in a circle, a special guide, originally just know the feudal lords that pomp and toast! Ocean dish! Walk takes about 2 hours to drive to the temple, and scenic spots. Drive from Pingwu to the scenic area of about 80 km, drove more than 1 hours on the road is very good! This is the white horse Wang Lang Johor Tata door repair special grand Ba Shi, but you do not think to scenic Oh, here there are 29 kilometers away from the area, you can continue to drive forward! Along the Nine Emperor east ring, the Baima Tibetan village, to the white horse before Wang Lang Laoshan baimazai door, then turn left, not far away from the area! Residents and buildings along the way is very unique, blue sky and white clouds, all kinds of colors, very beautiful! This is the charming Wang Lang scenic spot is the door, more domineering, is still decorated, the national day may have more shocking point! The door is wide enough to see "the world’s first panda county" several characters, because here is the habitat of wild pandas. Fortunately, there is a beautiful little white girl to receive you oh! The moment into the white horse Wang Lang arms ~ then sit on the scenic sightseeing car Panda Meng Meng Da, began to visit scenic spots! The white horse Wang Lang divided into white bear ditch and bamboo root Chagou two ditch, to several major scenic sightseeing car! The next wave of photos here! Wang Lang Wang Lang white beauty white inside a large area of the scenic wonders of the natural wonders, and abundant wildlife resources, more exotic flowers and colorful forest! Walking in the white horse Wang Lang area inside, clean the narrow, fresh air, the distant mountains of snow capped mountains, very comfortable ~ this is the sister相关的主题文章: