Nanjing 88 year old through the Open University of Jiangsu undergraduate graduation reply peo

88 year old Nanjing through the Jiangsu open reply   university graduate; – Jiangsu windows — original title: 88 year old "Curve Wrecker" through the graduation reply Double Ninth Festival on the eve of the Nanjing 88 year old Zhang Huanguo passed the Jiangsu Open University of management of cultural industry (poetry appreciation direction) professional graduation reply, will to become the first batch of elderly education graduates. The information provided by the school shows that each of his scores are more than 85 points, is a veritable old school tyrants". Zhang Huanguo was born in October 1929, graduated from the people’s Liberation Army Chinese Huadong communication school, after China was transferred to the Nanjing people’s Liberation Army Artillery Academy School teacher. In October 1985, he retired as associate professor of the faculty, deputy division level military. The last century at the end of the 70s, the fifties Zhang Huanguo with great enthusiasm into self-study exam, obtain the certificate of legal profession self College of Nanjing University, also participated in the old university courses study. Zhang Huanguo said that despite the growing age, learning experience has been very rich, but his heart still has a bachelor’s degree dream. At the beginning of 2014, Jiangsu Open University for the first time to recruit management of cultural industry (poetry appreciation direction) professional education of undergraduate students aged. Zhang Huanguo heard the news immediately after the registration to participate in the study. Zhang Huanguo introduction, Jiangsu Open University provides counseling, training, assessment unit of video self testing and other resources for students online learning; encounter difficulties, he can through the BBS forum, QQ group and curriculum course instructors and students to exchange line; he can participate in self learning, classroom teaching. This kind of open learning method is very helpful to arouse the enthusiasm of the students." He said. School, he each course examination results are more than 85 points. In particular, writing thesis, meticulous. At the end of September the official reply, he is calm, clear, fluent, 3 teachers after the Council gives a good score of 86. The teachers and students of the applause, the decades of military career strong "old soldier" could not help tears, stood up and bowed to the teachers, thanks. It is reported that in September of this year, he was selected for the whole life of the people of Jiangsu, "the people’s learning star"; in October, was selected as the nation’s ten largest national lifelong learning deeds particularly touching people learning star". (Ding Shujuan Xu Sihai Tan Jie) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Yan)相关的主题文章: