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Weight-Loss During the past five years, I have be.e an expert on diet free weight loss. I discovered the real cause for the weight gain epidemic we are seeing today. I have learned that our body will always resist a diet that cuts down on your daily calories. A shortage of food is perceived by your brain as a famine. It immediately signals your metabolism to slow down, and store up on reserves. That means fat. The more often you put your body through the ordeal of a diet, the more weight you will gain between dieting. You will never win with a diet. You will always land right back where you started, with more fat than when you began. Nobody is going to rescue us with a magic pill. The only person who can turn this around is you. From your kitchen you have the power to turn this around for yourself and your entire family. If we do not start helping ourselves there will be very few slim people left in this world. This is not the way human beings were meant to end up. If we do not start to make some changes to what we eat, our fate is only a matter of time. We will all be.e fat. Sixty percent of us are already there. If you gauge the frequency by which you see overweight people today, you will realize it is not going to take very long for the rest of us to get there. The only way to achieve what I describe as a diet free weight loss is to never embark on a diet at all. I have spent five years practicing what I preach and I am living proof that it works. Think about it: If it works for me it will work for you too. I am not unique. In fact, for me to lose weight has been far more difficult than it would be for most people. That is because I have what is called a thyroid condition which causes my metabolism to slow to a crawl. Although I am medicated, I am still much less likely to hold a long term weight loss than most people. Yet I have done it, persistently, using my diet free weight loss plan for more than five years. Clearly I must be doing something right. So what led me to discover a diet free weight loss plan? When I was in in my early 40’s, I was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic. That was a little scary and I set out to diligently follow the advice of my doctor. I quickly agreed to consult a dietician to learn the correct diet to prevent full blown diabetes. Till that time, I had never had a weight problem. Sure, I’d sometimes put on a couple of pounds over Christmas, but like everyone else, all I had to do was to cut out sweets and cakes for a couple of weeks to bring the weight back to normal. Sadly, that would not work today, but in those days, it was easy to deprive myself of sweets because diet cravings were unheard of. The diet prescribed by the dietician was deceptively simple. I was to eat three serves of carbohydrates to each serve of protein. It was my first diet and it turned my regular eating habits .pletely upside down. You see, I was used to eating the way my parents and grandparents had taught me to eat. It had always kept me slim and fit. We tend to think that everything new and modern is somehow superior to the old. I embraced this new diet and stuck to it fervently, for three to four years. I finally had to accept that my health had not improved, my weight had gradually increased and I had developed a powerful craving for bread. That’s when I went on a dieting binge. I embarked on every new diet that came along and promised me a weight loss. All that mattered was to get back to the weight I had been before the first diet. With each diet, I followed the same routine. I would stick to the rules till I lost the weight. I would then return to a normal, quite modest diet. Then slowly but surely the weight would start to creep back, always with an extra bonus. I also noticed that with each diet it became more difficult and took longer to lose weight than it did with the one before. My discovery of a diet free weight loss happened almost six years ago. My weight had reached eighty kilo’s. That was the heaviest I had ever been. I was desperate and I knew I was at a cross road. If I dieted again, I would end up even heavier. If I did not diet I would still end up heavier because my diet cravings were continuously making me hungry. Of course, there was always the third option. I could give up and accept my fate. That seemed the worst option of all. So I decided to forget everything I had ever been told about what foods to eat and what to avoid. Instead I would trust myself, with my considerable knowledge of history and my vast experience with just about every diet invented over a period of twenty years. Somehow I would find an acceptable answer to my weight problem. It took a while, but what I discovered could be called an epiphany: A moment of .plete clarity. In that instant I knew I had found the way to achieve a diet free weight loss, one that I could call permanent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: