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Food-and-Drink Foodies like me always crave for our original, lovely and tempting Indian food when travelling outside India. While there are many Indian restaurants all over the United States, most of them fail to satisfy me with one thing or another. Some may have great food but poor customer service, some might have everything but at an unaffordable rate. Some Indian restaurants are simply not worth a visit as well. I like to try each one out and then decide on which one gets my repeat visits. I happen to live in NY and so the restaurants in New York are the ones that get my best attention. Recently, a new Indian restaurant "" Neha Palace "" Restaurant, Banquet and Bar opened in Yonkers NY. For those who want the exact address it goes like this: 27 Meyer Ave. (Off Vredenburgh Ave), Behind Cross County Mall, Yonkers, NY 10704 Ph: 914-476-5900, 914-476-4800. I happened to be a regular visitor of Bukhara Grill "" a Indian restaurant which used to be there before being taken over by Neha Palace. It was my first visit to this Indian restaurant with my girl friend on a busy Saturday evening. They"ve revamped the interiors, the ambience was good and I liked being present there on a cool Saturday evening. What more, how did they revamp their customer service? We ordered my favorite Indian food: Mullugtawny soup, Chicken Tikka, Palak/malai kofta, Naan and Vegetable biryani. My girl friend generally believes my sense of Indian food is better than her"s and generally allows me to order. The soups were delivered in 10 minutes with the starter. The food arrived shortly. The staff was courteous and good. I asked them a few questions and was surprised to learn that the captain knew how each dish is cooked and seeing my interest in Indian food, even introduced me to their chef. It was a great dining experience in Yonkers, NY and I still remember that great evening spent with my girl friend. It"s less than a month since this new About the Author: 相关的主题文章: