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The mother should know these small walnut knowledge – Sohu inside there are many maternal walnut nutrients, a lot of people after pregnancy, her friends would allow mothers to eat some walnuts, but mothers eat walnuts is not the more the better, there is a lot of knowledge. Walnut walnut good at the mother and the baby’s nutrient rich, hectogram protein containing 15 to 20 grams of fat, 60 ~ 70 grams, 10 grams of carbohydrates, and essential calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements and minerals, and there are more beneficial to the human body vitamin. In experiments, the nutritional value of 500 grams of walnut nutritional value and 2500 grams of egg or 4750 grams of milk is almost the same, and walnut inside is beneficial to nerve cells in the brain, calcium, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other ingredients will be higher. Walnut eat there are many, the skin can be removed after the raw, also can grind and mix the brown sugar steamed buns, porridge or even can be made of walnut cake to eat, mother every day to eat some walnuts, is very good for the baby. When is the best time to eat walnuts? Normally, three or four months of pregnancy, from the beginning of the fetal period to the age of 2 years after birth, is an important period for the development of the fetal brain and retina. Walnut what time to eat better? Under normal circumstances, it is best to eat in the morning and afternoon, can also be used to do some small walnut heart in the two meals to eat directly, almost a day to three to five. The above content on the mother to eat a small knowledge of walnuts. In fact, in addition to eating walnuts during pregnancy, expectant mothers must remember to eat folic acid, or buy some nutrients tablets for the baby to increase nutrition. — — — — — — — — — — — more fetal education knowledge, maternal fetal education encyclopedia, please download the "mobile phone music box App for fetal education"相关的主题文章: