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Morocco born writer Sliema was "gentle song" won the Goncourt prize – Sohu culture channel Paris France Germany Rouen Hotel, Sliema, Lila? Took his work "gentle song". Xinhua News Agency figure in early results before the announcement, some analysts predict, Sliema will win. French media commented that the book writing is clear, direct, accurate words, through a dominance relationship reflects the social problems. Of course, such a realistic sense of the novel and Slimane’s own perception about. "This theme stems from my personal experience of growing up in Morocco." Slimane said at the awards ceremony, "when I was seven or eight years old, I was very sensitive to the strange situation at home. They make me feel like my mother, like strangers. I’ve always been affected by their difficult situation and the humiliation they might suffer." Slimane also said she went to Paris after the discovery of a new nanny: I found that they can also be very romantic." Born in Morocco, Slimane is 35 years old. At the age of 17, she left Morocco to go to France, studying at the Institut D’Etudes Politiques De Paris, and later studied journalism, and began to work as a reporter for focusing on Africa news of the French magazine "Youth" in Africa in 2008. In 2014, Slimane by virtue of the work "ogre’s garden" (Dans Le Jardin L ‘Ogre) for the first time in the literary field of glory. The work touches the most fashionable neighborhoods in Paris, tells the story of a sex addict. And the award-winning work "gentle song" in the award-winning very popular, sales reached 76 thousand. This book by the french historic Gallimard Publishing House Publishing (Gallimard).相关的主题文章: