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"Adorable" letters | let us become better self – Sohu Pu Pulan "Adorable" maternal monthly books first edition of September, has continued to serve tens of thousands of families. What do the children like, and what are their feelings and suggestions? We come to listen to a few, received Meng feedback readers. © Pu Pu Lan monthly books · 9 issue of high bin photography BLUELOVER letters to 1 and August 23rd Pu Pulan, Hello: I am a 2 year old engineering fans baby’s mother, personal love Pu Pu Lan picture gallery is a picture book, son of course more love. Always look adorable on sale, a sale immediately orders subscription, finally look forward to the first phase of adorable. I can’t wait to communicate with you. Very fond of books and recommend different masters and the interpretation of the original author of picture books; the most love is actually a reminder only a few words. © Pu Pu Lan monthly · 9 monthly page picture book; I thought before going to visit Tokyo at the bookstore, although know Japanese journal classification fine, but after seeing the picture when the magazine is still surprised about the magazine at different age made books recommended, looked at a lot of coarse Po Po LAN had Chinese version, happy to immediately take, after going home slowly looking watch. The maximum length of the magazine in Japan (about 2/3) is a detailed explanation on how to read picture books, picture books to expand activities outside, will be accompanied by photos, I want to play it immediately and one child! I believe that many parents at the beginning of parent-child reading, in addition to the picture (and search all books), it is how to read every book, reading every book, how to do a variety of interactive books on the basis of this is why I love that only half a page reminder! Very much hope that the reminder can see more space after, also like the Japanese picture magazine like occupied 2/3! @NanalLover September 22nd 2 letters Peng Yi teacher "world reading picture books and classic" in a word, fully embodies the "Adorable" — "so good, a good picture book, even if the child can’t read, only by reading the picture, should also be a careless reading. (Peng Yi "world reading picture books and classic") "because my 2 year old 6 months’ period, get" first "adorable, they just told us about! © NanalLover photography @ ink healthy growth in August 29th 3 monthly letters Pu Pulan "Adorable" picture book has received the first phase, small animal was really crowded ~ thank you always recommend books, enrich children’s childhood. © big ink health healthy growth photography @Iero_chen August 29 LAN相关的主题文章: