Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrived in Beijing, a small iron police remind passengers on the forbidd jcuv是什么车

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday coming to Beijing railway police remind passengers forbidden fruit knife car – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter He Xin) today is the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, many tourists on vacation train excursions, the two day of Beijing’s major train station traffic also increased significantly. In pitted security, seized contraband in the most explosive tank and fruit knife. Beijing railway police remind the majority of passengers, travel is prohibited to carry fruit knife. The day before, the Beijing South Railway Station police station screeners in Bei’an seized the channel on duty, a man from the machine in the luggage, seized 120 ml of alcohol, after the police confiscated, and accept the legal publicity and education of the police. Beijing railway police security personnel, recently the traffic of Beijing train stations increased significantly, in the passenger security seized contraband is the most explosive tank and fruit knife. According to the latest revision of the railway security regulations, confiscation of goods added is likely to endanger the personal safety of passengers knife, knife, knife, axe and other weapons and slaughter blunt. In the limit of carrying items, the original 5 lighter band limited, now only 2; mousse, hair spray, pesticides, air fresheners and other flowing pressure vessel from the original limit with 600 ml to 120 ml with limit now. In this regard, the railway police also remind the passengers carrying prohibited items, do not stop traveling, if you need to bring fruit, please don’t carry a fruit knife, can advance the fruit washed or cut into the box to carry.相关的主题文章: