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Michelle Chen "Grandpa Christina 38" challenge "Hu Jian" to play the Tencent entertainment Michelle Chen Tong Dawei together starring comedy "Grandpa hilarious decompression Christina 38" will be held on November 11th at the national release. For the first time all starred Michelle Chen, not only in the film from the broken goddess image as a flower village, but also work hard in Fujian Mandarin, and strive to make comic character more vivid. Premiere comedy from shape to sound challenge "Grandpa Christina 38" described by Michelle Chen as a young single mother Tang Huiru Trinidad father, with his little son He Zhiwu never met Grandpa airborne (Tong Dawei) home, under the same roof three generations to wipe out countless sparks comedy. This is Michelle Chen’s first comedy show. She said that she secretly likes to joke, but we rarely see her side. With the exception of actors, actresses have less chance to play comedy. So, when she saw the "Grandpa Christina 38" the comedy of a very exciting project. In preparation for the role, Michelle Chen not only proposed that makeup stylist, their more rough in appearance, close to the "Tang Huiru" was born in the country’s growing background, but also for the design of standard Mandarin pronunciation, highlight the role of simple and vivid. "At first, I thought I would study northeast. But the discussion that, at that time from filming not long, short time to the northeast is not so easy. The most important thing is that I look like the northeast, relatively small." What should I do? Michelle Chen thought of Fujian dialect. Although, I do not speak Fujian dialect, but Michelle Chen said that he grew up in Taiwan, the side can still feel a similar accent bad environment. Fujian dialect is still very unique in the dialect, the Internet is also discussed in particular." "Magic accent" was difficult to play on the network but those who make a hot "H", "F" is the pronunciation of Fujian Mandarin scripts, it is not easy. To this end, Michelle Chen specifically to find a friend who would say Fujian help. "He really is fujian. We spent a day, ask him to take my lines with Fujian Mandarin sentence by sentence, recorded. Because he could not always with me in the studio, I will listen, listen to again and again, to learn pronunciation." Michelle Chen recalls, at that time from the start of filming only a week’s time, fortunately, Taiwanese say there are some similarities with Mandarin Fujian, she had heard more, quickly into the Fujian Mandarin pronunciation environment. Has been released from the "Grandpa Christina 38" fragment, Michelle Chen of the Fujian mouth cavity full of jokes, for the film considerably. However, in real life, this "plastic Mandarin pronunciation was also to Michelle Chen added a lot of" sweet "trouble" – a time when I was in a video or attend the activities, how many will not consciously out of Fujian accent, but the pronunciation is quite interesting." Michelle Chen also said that because the Fujian accent is too funny, when the film, the same drama, Tong Dawei also asked her from time to time, these lines in Fujian mandarin".相关的主题文章: