Meranti caused by the Zhejiang transfer 14 of the direct economic losses of more than 1 billion 174 -zznba

"Meranti" caused by the Zhejiang transfer 14 of the direct economic losses of more than 1 billion 174 million people – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hangzhou (reporter Huang Xiao) in September 16, the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" 15, 17 weakened into a tropical depression, the Zhejiang provincial meteorological station 16, 6:30 no longer issued "Meranti" dynamic. As of 16 May 7, Zhejiang were transferred 145778 people, 4 people were killed 2 people missing, the direct economic loss of 1 billion 174 million yuan. By "Meranti", in September 14th 8 to 16, 8, Zhejiang Province surface rainfall 140 mm, 9 available rainfall exceeding 100 mm, 217 mm, a large Ningbo city Wenzhou City, Taizhou City, 195 mm 194 mm; 26 stations over 400 mm, a large area of 515 mm at the spring of Huangyan Yueqing City, the Lake District of Ouhai, 493 mm plow? 491 mm?. Zhejiang flood prevention and drought relief headquarters responsible person, the rainfall process has total rainfall, heavy rainfall, covering a wide range of short duration rainfall strong (maximum 1 hours rainfall in Taishun County for summer furnace 102.5 mm) etc.. Affected by rainfall, the water level of Zhejiang river lake reservoir rose significantly. The 16 day of 8, the province has 40 rivers water level warning site, including 12 sites to ensure, mainly distributed in Hangjiahu eastern plains, Wen Huang Pingyuan, Yongjiang River Basin and other coastal areas; 35 large and medium-sized reservoir water level exceeds the limit water level. Zhejiang local heavy rainfall caused flash floods and geological disasters broke out, some of the roads, power outages, water and other infrastructure damage, serious losses. According to statistics, as of now, the province a total of Wenzhou, Lishui 2 cities, 9 counties (districts) affected. The affected population of 331 thousand and 600 people, the collapse of houses in the area, the affected area of 15 thousand and 910 hectares of crops, roads interrupted by the second, the power outage of the 291 times 422 times. Because of the flood disasters caused direct economic losses of 1 billion 174 million yuan, the country reported, the death tolls of 4 people, 2 people missing. As of 16 May 7, Zhejiang were transferred 145778 people, various departments across the province to actively take measures to prevent a disaster. Water Conservancy Department of scientific scheduling, give full play to the role of water conservancy projects in disaster prevention and mitigation, the province’s large and medium reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 1 billion 430 million cubic meters of water conservation; coastal plain to strengthen the row, a total of 402 million cubic meters of external drainage. A total of 18 passenger traffic system suspended routes. Department of homeland geological disaster start III level emergency response, 15 to 16, land system issued a total of geological disaster risk warning level 103, warning messages 51801 dispatch; geological disaster inspection group of 1294 group of 4585 people. The Marine Department has dispatched law enforcement boats 131 ships, 757 law enforcement officers. The construction departments, the transfer of dangerous sheds and other hazardous area personnel 16600 people. Power grid enterprises have deployed 178 repair personnel, vehicles, has been restored to the 10 thousand volt line of the 11, with the change of the station area of 213, the user of the 18893.相关的主题文章: