Men’s Public Security Bureau died 3 years without returning to the body of the police response-utc行家

The man killed the family for 3 years without the Public Security Bureau police response body going back to original title: Jilin city police responded: why "3 years or to the body" in May 13, 2013 about 8:21 in the morning, the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau of the main entrance, at the age of 48, Wu Zhongrui entered the gate, a few minutes later came out again. Later, he was pulled back by a man in uniform. Followed by video surveillance showed that Wu Zhongrui was carried out by 120 emergency personnel, sent to hospital after being declared dead. Jilin University judicial identification center issued by forensic submissions, that Wu Zhongrui’s death in coronary artery IV eccentric stenosis and old small focal scar new machine on the basis of heart dysfunction in patients with acute myocardial ischemia induced by death, the death row tear can induce factors of death. This is one of the few common points that Wu Zhongrui’s sister, Wu Zhongping, and the city of Jilin can reach. In addition, the relevant details of the event, the causal relationship, responsibility division, the two sides hold different views. The matter by the interface and other media reports, triggering widespread discussion users. Wu Zhongrui’s sister: requires remote investigation according to the law, said Wu Zhongping, the current interface reported, has been the core of the core of the problem to say. New culture reporter combing the interface, the relevant reports, combed as follows: 1. Wu Zhongrui died in the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the death zone no camera. Specific death process is not clear. 2. Wu Zhongping believes his brother’s death and the police and security guards tore down a long time and there is a direct relationship between the. At the same time put forward another doubt that she met Wu Zhongping, the brother of the dead bodies, the navel is distributed symmetrically around 6 black spots, she thought that the 6 spots is likely to be hit by electric batons. 3. Wu Zhongrui died in the Public Security Bureau or died in the hospital? Wu Zhongping believes that the procuratorate of Jilin City Public Security Bureau and the Bureau of Jilin City, Chuanying Chuanying district described in the case of death time and place and attend records inconsistent. 4. Jilin City Public Security Bureau to subordinate units of Public Security Bureau police station Chuanying Dadong to the investigation of the case is wrong, "Grandpa grandson investigators suspect. 5. Wu Zhongping on the Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau on the nature of the case does not recognize the proposed compensation conditions are not recognized. In addition, the younger brother’s body can not be returned, nor let her and other family members to see. "Even if I do not have to pay compensation, the Jilin police do not return the body." In September 26th, Wu Zhongping told reporters on the new culture. She said she had been asked to resolve the matter in accordance with the law, hoping to take legal means to get results. The local are in fraud, many are false, inconsistent with the facts." Wu Zhongping said, 3 years, our family just want a truth, everything else is secondary." In order to get the truth, she hopes that the case should be investigated in different places, the trial, I have said, it is necessary to deal with according to law, the grasp of the arrest, the judgment of the sentence, I can not pay a penny." Jilin police response: if the families of the reasons for the death of an objection, you can always ask for identification Jun相关的主题文章: