Men will play the exciting toilet water bottle burst into the anus intestines fatal risk-tonya mitchell

Men will play the exciting toilet water bottle burst into the anus intestines fatal risk look at this film, the toilet water bottle already very "deep". Big river in Zhengzhou field workers Man Wang, do nothing at home after work, then a 18 cm long toilet water bottle into her anus, but because of too much force, pleasure did not come, but the bottle for rectal puncture, can not stand the pain, Wang shyly came to Zhengzhou people’s Hospital, the doctors operated on him, and now has been discharged. Doctors don’t tell the truth. "Doctor, I have a terrible pain in my stomach. Help me see."." Two weeks ago, Wang, more than 30, came to the Zhengzhou people’s Hospital for help. For the illness, Wang did not tell the doctor at the beginning, just said his stomach pain can not stand. After examination, the hospital general surgery ward doctor Zhang Chunli found that Wang’s lower abdomen in showed a complete glass bottle. The doctor asked in detail about the tunnel, Wang Moucai feel shy. He said he was at home trying to plug the toilet water bottle to the anus, did not think too hard, the bottle completely into the abdominal cavity, and stomach pain, no way, he arrived at the hospital to find a doctor. The production of this bottle of toilet water killed can not think of their products "experience" will be so rich. The doctor takes the bottle from the inspection surgery, the bottle was stuffed into the junction of his rectum and sigmoid colon, which is a corner, the bottle tightly stuck here, and showed free gas under the right diaphragm, suggesting that the digestive tract perforation, Dr. Zhang Chunli judge Wang left side colon perforation, so immediately contact the implementation of emergency operation in operation room. Originally planned to open the abdomen after Wang, the bottle will be pushed along the direction of the intestine, out of the abdominal cavity. But after opening the abdominal cavity, the bottle flipped out! Originally, Mr. Wang forced too much, the bottle into the body, resulting in his sigmoid colon and rectum rupture at the junction. The first step is to remove the operation of toilet water; the second step, the separation of the sigmoid mesocolon and blood vessels; the third step, rectosigmoid junction ruptured bowel resection; fourth, closure of the proximal upper rectum, sigmoid colon fistula in Wang’s proposal to build a left lower abdomen for his temporary defecation. After the operation, Wang recovered well and was discharged from hospital. Zhang Chunli introduced, half a year later, Wang also need to come back to the hospital to accept a ostomy. He reminded some curiosity or love play to stimulate users, some shapes of goods if the accident from the anus into the body, rub and intestinal mucosa may penetrate the intestinal wall, causing purulent peritonitis, severe infection, even life-threatening. If there is a similar situation, should immediately seek help in the hospital. Editor in chief: SN184

男子玩刺激将花露水瓶插入肛门 戳破肠子险致命 看这片子,花露水瓶子已经很“深入”了。   大河网讯在郑州务工的外地男子王某,下班到家后闲着没事儿干,于是将一个长18厘米的花露水瓶子塞进了自己的肛门,不过因为用力过猛,快感没来,瓶子却把直肠给戳破了,疼得受不了了,王某羞答答地来到郑州人民医院就诊,医生给他做了手术,现在已经出院。   求医不说实情   “医生,我肚子很痛,快帮我看看。”两周前,30多岁的王某捂着肚子来到郑州人民医院求助。对于病情,王某一开始并没有告诉医生,只是说自己肚子疼得受不了。随后在检查中,该院普外一病区张春礼大夫发现,王某的下腹部内显示有一个完整玻璃瓶的模样。   在医生的详细询问下,王某才不好意思地道出隐情。他说自己在家试着把花露水瓶塞到肛门中,没想到用力过猛,瓶子完全塞进腹腔,肚子越来疼痛难忍,没办法,他才到医院找医生。   生产这瓶花露水的人打死也想不到自己的产品“经历”会如此丰富。   医生开刀取瓶   从检查片来看,瓶子已经塞到了他的直肠和乙状结肠的交界处,这是一个拐角处,瓶子死死地卡在这里,且显示右侧膈下有游离气体,提示消化道穿孔,张春礼大夫判断王某左侧大肠穿孔,于是当即联系手术室实施急诊手术。   原本计划打开王某腹腔后,将把瓶子顺着肠道的方向,从腹腔内推出来。可是打开腹腔后,瓶子“砰”的一下弹了出来!原来王先生用力过猛,瓶子进入体内后造成他乙状结肠及直肠交接处破裂。   手术第一步将花露水瓶取出;第二步,分离乙状结肠系膜及血管;第三步,切除破裂的直肠乙状结肠交接处肠管;第四步,缝合关闭直肠上段,将近端乙状结肠提出在王某左下腹部造个瘘,用于他临时排便。   术后,王某恢复良好,现在已经出院。   张春礼介绍,半年后,王某还需再来医院接受一次造口还纳术。他提醒一些好奇或者喜欢玩刺激的网友,一些形状不一的物品如果意外从肛门进入体内,会与肠道黏膜摩擦,可能穿透肠壁造成化脓,腹膜炎,重症感染,甚至危及生命。如果发生类似情况,应马上到医院寻求帮助。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: