Men at the entrance of the University of imitation guns robbed students were forced to withdraw loan

The man at the university students are forced to dig the simulation gun robbery loan simulation pistol withdrawals for robbery suspects in an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported in November 4th 5 in the morning, the provincial capital of a Wangjiang Road occupation colleges at the school gate, a strange man asked the students whether Wang is the school’s students, Wang nodded, the man suddenly pulled a gun on him, said he had just experienced a gunfight, let Wang take him to the bedroom to change clothes. In the panic, Wang took the gunman to the bedroom. After the man changed his clothes, Wang was forced to eat near the school breakfast shop. Later, through Alipay transfers and ATM machine withdrawals, snatched him 3500 yuan in cash and a mobile phone lphone6S. 5 days before and after 23 hours, Wang alarm. 6 days 15 when the police investigation in the Wangjiang Road a cafe fan captured the suspect. 8, fan has been under criminal detention. [at] man suddenly pulled the pistol in the 22 year old Wang students in the provincial capital of a Wangjiang Road occupation college sophomore. 4, 5:50 am, he went out from the bedroom to the outside to eat breakfast, at the school gate, a more than and 20 year old man come to ask him the way, he is not the students. Wang told reporters that he was nodded, but did not expect the man took out a pistol at him. "Now, take me to your bedroom and find me a dress. I just had a gun fight. I had to get out of the police." Wang said, the man then use a gun against homeopathy on his waist, men with him close, looked around, as what did not happen, Wang was pistol toward the bedroom. Wang recalls, when he is in extreme panic, on the way to see the early students dare not call, afraid of a silent, lost their lives, others suffer. From the school gate to the bedroom for a distance of more than and 200 meters, for him so long. Wang’s bedroom in the two floor, upstairs, the bedroom has a roommate in bed. He found a black down jacket for men to wear. I let the man must not hurt my classmates, I can do everything with the man, the man agreed." Wang said, he was the man to leave the campus area, outside of a breakfast shop. The man let him go to eat breakfast. The man ordered four meat bags, and drank a bowl of soybean milk. 6 yuan is my pay." Wang said, before meals, men’s ear and told him, "don’t shuaxinyan sub alarm, otherwise it will hurt the other diners to eat." [money] student loan software is now three thousand Yuan Wang told reporters to accompany the man to eat early after dinner, is already 6:30 on the 4. After the meal is full, the man seemed to relax a little alert, no longer gun against him. "Out of the breakfast shop, the man asked me to borrow money." Wang said, at that time, his breakfast money has been spent, no money, WeChat wallet, Alipay is only 500 yuan. "The man that money my Alipay after his Alipay account told me, I turn to him 500 yuan." After the money, Wang begged the man to let him, the man said, this money would like to go?" Wang said his family in general, usually don’t have much money on hand, "that my mobile phone software with loans, the man let me think of a way to cash 3000 yuan, otherwise.相关的主题文章: