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Meizhou Mazu spirit Canada Toronto (Photos) – in the new network to wait for the spirit of the statue of mazu. Lin Qunhua photo Beijing, Meizhou Island in September 16, (Lin Qunhua Xu Guorong Gao Yacheng) 16 morning, Canada Puxian Association executive vice president Wu Zhen with Canada Putian overseas Chinese line 26, Mu hand Nianxiang, Jing five Liuzhai fruit, in the company of "hometown of Mazu Fujian Putian Meizhou Matsu Temple Chau chairman Lin Jinbang next, respectfully Meizhou Mazu spirit Ontario Canada Toronto China Meizhou Mazu temple. This is the second in September 2006 divided Canada Cumberland, Meizhou Mazu spirit, Meizhou Mazu spirit Canada again. According to Ms. Lin Yixia to come to the common Chinese Canadian Meizhou Mazu. The only mammal in the Canadian city of Toronto, there are hundreds of overseas chinese. As the hometown of Mazu’s children, they have experienced by the deeds of Mazu bliss. Thanks to the Canadian Association of Mazu, Puxian people as early as a few years ago, Tianjin and Xiamen each Chinese community and discuss the preparation of Mazu Mazu spirit. Finally, we elected Puxian association to start building and spiritual matters. To this end, in March 2015, Canada Puxian association president Zhou Jian came to discuss the spirit of achievement of Meizhou matters, and preparing for Mazu temple. After a year of preparation, we decided to use the name of temple in Meizhou Mazu Temple "is the most appropriate. Wu Zhenfa said that the spirit of Mazu, can unite all the Chinese in Canada, but also reflects the spirit of Meizhou Mazu back, but also to pray Mazu to bless outside the business of overseas Chinese well. On September 18th, Matsu will travel to Toronto, and temporarily in Toronto Anfeng Puxian Association hall. Matsu is the protection of God of the sea, for thousands of years, through continuous spread around the coastal businessmen, workers, and the fishermen, the whole world has 33 countries and regions have built nearly 300 million Mazu Temple believers; Mazu is also setting overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese is an important force and spiritual pillar. Meizhou Mazu temple since last year was awarded the "Chinese Chinese Federation of overseas Chinese international cultural exchange base", this year the first batch of "selected China Maritime Silk Road? China historic World Heritage inscription cultural heritage point. (end)相关的主题文章: