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"-" Medina Victoria Song will wrap up the end of life – Entertainment Sohu dislocation reduction Sang Lan rebirth poster by Yao off the media entertainment Sohu produced the TV series "-" is every Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV hit. The story of the fantasy drama addict group two nears its end, will usher in the finale in this week. The memory was due to dislocation of ancient Fetish hidden lotus blossom mist clothes with pear, and the castle in the game of the "three of us are walking together in the way of pain. Yesterday, in the official ending stills, Medina’s Princess lay in the mist clothes a piece of ice and snow, with a smile she had once back memories curious. "-" since the launch will be of concern, and the drama as the mermaid princess Medina has been the focus of attention of fans, whether it is the lovely white sweet princess, or for love cut Lin very happy people fling caution to the winds. Especially when the hidden lotus bloom, after the rebirth and exchange of soul Sang Lan pear falls, seaweed like hair Zhaqi neat, firm look full of heroic spirit. After the transfiguration of the "female man" princess is deep friends love, a barrage of "express Mermaid" and "love the fish", "more and more love Sang Lan" praise be too numerous to enumerate. The play, both past and present, only Sang Lan love castle. And the pear falls implicit love, Sang Lan’s love is more straightforward and brave. In the last week of the story, Hu Bing plays the king Sang Lan Princess contest to excuse to start wars for the ice, ice field simmering will usher in the ultimate battle. For the sake of peace and the ice people Mermaid, but also to people’s hard-earned realms of peaceful life, going to sacrifice his Sang Lan to quell the war. The memory of the dislocation can return to the right track? This tragedy is resolved? Sang Lan of CaSO "three birds known" love waiting for you can get in return? The ultimate battle of good and evil, is the joy of reunion or farewell to sorrow, "-" end this Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV tears now original, please look forward to.   相关的主题文章: