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The media: "the most expensive land behind the extremely thin Si fear for a new round of purchase to the Sohu news from the transaction floor price, 100315 yuan per square meter is already flour in your bread, and the plot just across the street for Vanke emerald ya Bentley project, the current price is only 90000 yuan per square meter about the first half of this year, the total turnover of 3 billion 582 million yuan. But throughout the past few years, Shanghai’s land transfer, many have felt "more expensive than bread flour" the most expensive land, but with the rise of the market, the rise of the plate, with a good corporate sales strategy and the ability to create products, many kings of success up, even to achieve profitability. In this land was built the house to sell how much money? More than familiar with the market believes that a conservative estimate, the land price: more than 180 thousand yuan per square meter, 200 thousand yuan / square meters, even higher! And belong to the region of Shanghai OCT suhewan No. 11, this year to a townhouse price up to 344 thousand and 900 yuan per square meter, the highest price in history to create Chinese sales record! Somebody help one. The Shanghai government can’t watch anymore. Since then, the government of Shanghai to temporarily suspend the 6 "new king" land transfer process, in August 25th, Shanghai two industry heat transfer control version, overall is Shanghai will soon be meeting on the new deal, or from the credit tightening of land financing and housing loan policy, to curb the recent soaring land prices, house prices. The two popular version a: 1, no room under the name of no record of loan buyers, the minimum down payment of 30%, funds rate no preferential 2, but there is no room under the name of mortgage loans in history, the minimum down payment of 50%, the lowest interest rate 1.1 times in 3, the name of a suite buyers (again speaking to the household registration), down 7, the interest rate up to 1.1 times (4, no change in policy) divorce less than one year of purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the family before the divorce process version two: since September 1st, Shanghai introduced new purchase policy. Housing recognize loan, where there are Chinese loan records first fangshoufu will be increased to 5 to two suites will be increased to 7!! not a local, not commercial housing, whether or not to pay off the loan to pay off, as long as there are even China loan records. To sign the time, buy a house before September 1st are not covered by the policy restrictions. First suite 5 into!!相关的主题文章: