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Passion fruit pastry Egg Tart – Sohu maternal passionfruit juice because of its rich nutrition, special aromatic smell, can be scattered in a variety of fruit aromas and is cited as a "passion fruit", "fruit king", "shake Qian Shu" reputation. Passion fruit flavour, fusion and meringue, sprinkle a layer of coconut in the sour and sweet taste, fresh and not greasy, fragrance. Material: butter tart 75g, sugar 15g, salt 1g, egg 25g, low gluten flour 128G, almond powder 12g passion fruit tart water material: Cream 75g, 1 egg, sugar 10g, Passion Fruit Juice 20g meringue: a protein, sugar 20g decoration: coconut, fruit girl baking box Changdi man CRTF32K tart baking production steps: 1, softening butter at room temperature, a soft, creamy white and sugar mixed evenly, add egg stir. 2, sift the flour into a smooth dough. 3, wrapped in plastic wrap refrigerator for 30 minutes. 4, then, making Passion Fruit Egg Tart water: cream, the egg, Passion Fruit Juice together poured into the container. 5, adding sugar, manually eggbeater stir, to make more delicate sieve stuffing tart, two tart water. 6, will the dough roll into Griddle Cake, can cut part of the dough in plastic wrap and roll sticking prevention, Griddle Cake on top of the tart mold, the excess dough scraped, finishing molding, into the pan. (not too much trouble, you can then set the oven middle 175 degrees 15 minutes, tart roast until golden surface, such products baked crisp.) 7, I am a lazy, pour tart water. 8, put in a good preheating Changdi man CRTF32K oven, middle upper and lower fire, 180 degrees 15 minutes. 9, until golden color can be baked. 10, and the layer of coconut, increase the taste. 11, the protein in the oil free water container, add sugar 12, sent to rigid foam. 13, use a spoon to wipe in the tart 14, bake in preheated oven baked Changdi man CRTF32K, the top under fire, 180 degrees 15 minutes. 15, the end of baking, take out. Changdi baked Man high-end enamel liner and double glass door, good temperature control effect, color is very uniform, the enamel liner of high temperature resistance, safe and easy cleaning, the next can begin to try the oven dish! Friendly reminder: 1, the blue ribbon called sablet pastry dough, baked cookies crisp afterimage. It is rich in flavor and sweet than a sweet pastry. It can be used to make pies and towers, or cookies. 2, the whole process I used an egg, egg yolk tart, crisp protein. Tart also can make use of the whole egg. 3, oven temperature according to the actual situation to adjust their own oven.相关的主题文章: