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"Marine romance" issued an exclusive poster of North America first assessment of good reputation of Sina entertainment news by "Crazy", "super city animal corps", "frozen" original cast to create animated adventure comedy "marine romance" (Moana) in November 25th will be shown in china. Today, the film released a China exclusive poster, "crazy animal city" protagonist Judi rabbit and fox Nick and the protagonist Moana in the hula dance, love back "marine romance". In addition, the Disney team blockbuster new North American media critic has also been released: the first batch of rotten tomatoes freshness as high as 100%, dazzling performance has been optimistic about the industry, is a strong contender for the best animated feature Oscar! Fox, rabbit Nick Judi back Chinese exclusive POSTER "crazy animal city" to create a new cast as Disney fifty-sixth classic animated feature film, "marine romance" is following the "crazy animal city", the Disney team and a blockbuster new. Chinese today released an exclusive poster, "crazy animal city" Fox Nick and Judi police officers to help out. Posters on the background of fresh bright blue sea, the fox saw Nick wearing sunglasses playfully still, he was wearing a Hula Skirt and sergeant Judi, and the "ocean girl" Moana choose to dance together, full of adorable little. The poster "animal in case busy marine adventure she pilot" slogan not only will the audience memories back to "crazy animal city" magical animal kingdom, also indicates that Moana is full of fantasy and hard marine adventure is about to leave, there is no hope. New stills released at the same time, Tara’s grandmother also formally meet with the audience, she and Moana stood like a sea, to uncover the hidden secrets of the millennium; and Maui, holding a magic hook alongside Moana, is full of mystery; and "funny play" piggy Pangpang and chick Handan, has always maintained a foolish and stupid adorable, laughing. "Visual effects of marine romance" is from "crazy animal city" cast the hand, with Oceania style of beautiful picture, the audience was amazing "every frame can be wallpaper". Disney every movie in the story, technology, art and so on are of great difficulty for a breakthrough, "Romance" in the ocean ocean water effect, in order to complete the quality across history shows, the production team is painstaking, specializing in the development of innovative technology, so there will be a trailer in blue the vast ocean, beautiful. The visual collocation with Oceania style of music dazzling, plus a full of funny stories and fantasy elements, "Romance" is a rare sea created a few fantasy adventure animation for the audience. Rotten tomatoes praise rate of 100% North American first grade dazzling mouth overflowing Disney animation always in their own unique way to cure, unforgettable. "Marine romance" this year is the last introduction of animated film, Disney is also in 2016 last, Disney followed the consistently high level and good reputation. Recently, the first batch of North American film critics have been released: rotten tomatoes freshness of 100%, the overall evaluation of the media focus on Disney above the level of entertainment + carefully crafted character!相关的主题文章: