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The man was found by retired tour of Thailand early in the morning to die in the streets – Sohu news site map of man died his wife husband suddenly left home very sad Nanan Li and friends with the mission to Thailand, suspected mental disorders inexplicably dying in the streets. The next day, Lao Li’s wife and son ready to go to the Thailand post. May conflict with local media reports, the day before yesterday morning, a man in Bangpeilu Chala (called Chinese brilliant Brad passengers purchasing Street poles) a shop near the side of death powder. A dead face significant trauma, hands and feet tied traces, wearing a blue and white striped shirt, pants wearing only a pair of underwear. Next to him was a pair of trousers and a piece of green rope, with a bunch of keys and an ID card. ID card to show the deceased for Chinese Lee, 61 years old, who lives in the South Bank of Chongqing. Local media also reported that Lee died in front of the scene near the gas store 4 Lao male employees clashed. Local police have contacted the Chinese Embassy and the Bangkok China association. Bangkok police investigation learned that Mr. Lee in November 9th, plans to return to China 14. The 14 day, Mr. Li went to the airport, sudden symptoms of mania. Tour guides and other consultations, with Mr. Lee to the hotel to rest. Before traveling without any unusual Lee son Li Mingping introduced his father retired in January of this year. The trip abroad, the son was given to his father’s retirement gift. 14 at noon, he received a travel agency notice, his father suspected mental disorders. Later, he passed the tour guide and father. "I felt like my father was talking. I told him to come back…… Finally, he said, let me not believe the tour guide." "I think the travel agency has an obligation to bring his father back. However, the travel agency to persuade us in the past, otherwise there is no way." Li Mingping said that he has been to communicate with the travel agency, so that the guide sent his father to the hospital. But the tour guide said his father refused to go to the hospital. That night, he was informed that his father ran out of the hotel whereabouts unknown. "Then we asked father classmates, they said, father visited the museum becomes insane python." Li Mingping said they did not have a family history of mental illness, the father did not have other diseases. Father suddenly occurred in Thailand, the family can not believe. The travel agency travel agency to fully cooperate with the aftermath of the Chongqing evening news about some they learned: Lee did not leave the family contact, after the onset of the disease but also refused to disclose; travel through other channels to contact and inform the son of Lao Li, please Li Mingping to Thailand to deal with matters related to "go out together, Li Mingping is a good man and you have to find a way to send him back" refused to settle to the hotel; Li, a staff, worried about the safety of staff did not live, have lived next door; Li found away from hotel, travel agency reported to the police. Travel agency said, to fully cooperate with the investigation and assist the Lee family to Thailand rehabilitation.相关的主题文章: