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"Malakas" approaches the Zhejiang coast more than 22 transfer – Beijing, Beijing, September 17 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yun) 17 afternoon, Zhejiang flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters of No. sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" carried out the relevant notification. The office of the Zhejiang provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters is on duty director Hu Yaowen introduction, is expected to "malakas" will wipe tight in Zhejiang coastal north, bring certain influence to the Zhejiang coast. As of 17 noon, the province has transferred a total of 220 thousand and 100 people. "Malakas" at 13 am on the next generation, strengthened into a typhoon, 17 days 14 when Zhejiang is located in the southeast of Wenzhou about 370 kilometers east of Taiwan ocean. Zhejiang provincial meteorological department has issued a typhoon warning at sea, is expected to "malakas" will be the speed of 15 kilometers per hour moving to the north, the strength to maintain in the strong typhoon level. Expected, "Maleka" will be wiped out of the north coast of Zhejiang Province, 18 PM shift to the Northeast direction. Under its influence, on the afternoon of 17 South Zhejiang coastal sea wind increased to 8 – 10; expected 18 coastal waters will have 10 – 12 winds; in addition, tonight to tomorrow the province part of coastal areas will have heavy rain, local heavy rain. After landing in Fujian Xiamen typhoon "Meranti" has been to the Zhejiang area to bring heavy rainfall. According to Hu Yaowen introduction, 14 day Zhejiang rainfall reached 150 mm, large and medium-sized reservoirs in the province’s largest flood total 2 billion 120 million cubic meters. Continuous rainfall on Zhejiang reservoir to bring a lot of pressure. At present, Zhejiang flood control level of large and medium-sized reservoirs in block 42, more than and 30 station water level warning level or the guarantee level. Hu Yaowen said, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo, in Zhoushan and other coastal areas basically filled with water, or slightly over flood level. In addition to the Zhejiang continuous rainfall bring a greater impact, "malakas" near the coast of Zhejiang in August eighteen time (lunar calendar) astronomical tide period. Hu Yaowen said, especially in Wenzhou, Zhoushan, Pingyang tide is likely to exceed the design tide level, even close to the top elevation of seawall embankment, moistureproof and great pressure. In order to do "malakas" typhoon prevention work, Zhejiang province has 17 to 12 noon will flood prevention emergency response promoted to grade ii. Do the requirements in the "work recovery moranti" disaster relief and disaster at the same time, to do the preparatory work of the malakas defense ". Due to the great influence of "malakas" coastal, Zhejiang requires coastal Dry Sluice gap closure and completion of seawall on the afternoon of 17, all marine aquaculture, workers back to harbor, tourist attractions close. From Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi data show that as of 17 at noon, Zhejiang were transferred 220 thousand and 100 people. 25030 fishing boats, there are 24744 back to Hong Kong, the ship out of the safe zone for the 15, in the evacuation of the way back to port 271. Another 4336 non fishing vessels in Hong Kong or in a safe area. (end)相关的主题文章: