Magic leap and a new patent milestones to achieve important products-winfast

A new patent Magic Leap: an important milepost "" "" product "eighteen year old sky" Jinsha Li Zhinan to return to the campus, now not recognize "" "" today, Magic Leap filed a US patent office a new design patent, "with adjustable interpupillary virtual or augmented reality helmet." The function of adjustable pupil spacing is an important part of VR AR. VR AR devices send images to each eye, the ability to correctly locate these images can be used to ensure that the user is clear and comfortable. For example, the head of the HTC Vive show the bottom right of the rotary button, when wearing the first show, you can turn the button to adjust the distance between the pupils. In the adjustment process, the head will display the figures, showing your current settings. If you have already measured the distance between the eyes, just match the numbers. In addition to the pupil system, the Magic Leap patent also describes a more stylish head shape than we previously saw. As can be seen from the patent map, this is what we see Magic Leap so far the most ergonomic design of the product appearance. In their previous patents, the prototype was shown to be very large, and the head of the mask was more similar to that of other competitors (Microsoft HoloLens and Meta2). According to the interpretation of Magic Leap, the early huge system patent does not represent their final product design. So this can also be so slim patent, but Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz said that this sentence let us still looking forward to: "we have just achieved some important milepost of product development." Although the patent shows and actual, the likelihood of success, let AR equipment so thin and smooth, let people use it in the real world is a huge challenge. But at least, the patent image shows that Magic Leap is actively thinking about this issue.相关的主题文章: