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Ma Tianyu: every play I have that kind of love Faye Wong Yan value play girls – Beijing, Hunan TV drama fantasy "-" to launch the fire now, family and ice race against lit the climax of the story, Ma Tianyu’s "brother support spree" Sakura empty release reversal "selling" CaSO (William Feng ornaments the plot) become the focus of heated debate audience. Last night, Ma Tianyu told reporters in the WeChat interview, "Sakura empty release" changeable character roles, he said the play is very enjoyable. No love drama, only love "brother" Ma Tianyu "-" in love in his life as an independent personality girl like Faye Wong. Ma Tianyu’s other Yingkong Shi Jing, the fate of the characters also twists and turns of sorrow. It seems Sakura empty release is a simple, very persistent also very hospitable people in Ma Tianyu, "can be said to be a victim of his brother." Play in shaping so child heart of the characters, but the studio Ma Tianyu is happy, he often heard that Zhang Meng broke the "sell adorable" thing, Ma Tianyu shouted: "I didn’t mean to sell adorable, I feel a world of ice and snow, we are very tired, enliven the atmosphere of the scene." Passionate and colourful? Fool specific mist clothes and kind forbear pear, play three different character of the girls "who is your dish? Ma Tianyu without hesitation:" in life I would choose a girl like Faye Wong." Ma Tianyu has since occurred mostly in the costume handsome image of the active screen, but Ma Tianyu admits that he does not love the character from A to Z did not change, "like Sakura empty release, many experiences, personality changes, play up very quickly, to my acting and enhance all aspects." Heard was named "city of fantasy" in Yan highest figure, Ma Tianyu instantly playfully: "every play I is not the yen value play well, ha ha." The future will play the role of subversion of the image? Ma Tianyu said, I did not think, I feel a little older will be more daring to seek subversion and break it." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: