Lyle And Scott The Fashion People

Fashion-Style Lyle and Scott are one of the most prestigious designers of mens clothing in the fashion industry today. Although the .pany first started trading in the 1870s, their popularity has waxed and waned over the decades, but over the past few years, they are certainly .ing into their own again, offering high-quality and trendy clothing for men of all ages. Lyle and Scott are notable for their particular brand of fashion, namely the retro/vintage look; this makes them extremely popular amongst the upwardly mobile younger generation. Those individuals amongst us who love a unique and classic look, updated with a contemporary touch of flair, favour Lyle and Scott. They sell a broad range of products, but we know them best for their Lyle and Scott polo shirts and knitwear, which have a classic cut, but a modern twist in terms of their bold colours and unusual patterning. As a brand, Lyle and Scott are innovators within the fashion world. Indeed, they were amongst the first manufacturers of fashionable clothing to notice the current trend for retro and vintage clothing. They understand precisely the need for balance between a unique and contemporary design, and the need to be understated, rather than garish, or theatrical. Lyle and Scott suit certain styles of fashion that are popular today. For instance, they go well with the geek-chic looks, the urban looks, the Indie looks, and the Britpop looks. Fashionable males tend to favour this brand because they understand contemporary fashions. This brand is for young men who love to dress in a classic style, but who also want to stand out from the crowd; the cuts are understated, the colours bold, thus striking the perfect balance for our fashionable youth. Much of their popularity is attributable to their prominence amongst certain music scenes; in fact, the Lyle and Scott polo shirts are worn by Pete Doherty, Kasabian, The Arctic Monkeys, and even Razorlight are known to have worn this brand of clothing. The Lyle and Scott brand have a broad appeal, mainly because they have understood the need to create clothing for a wider audience. For instance, their clothing range includes the Vintage, the Heritage, and the Club styles, each one catering for a different type of consumer. The Heritage range, for example, is for those individuals who want to create a classic look, for work or any semi-formal setting, while maintaining a high fashion look. Indeed, overall, the Lyle and Scott brand of clothing is ideal for the contemporary male who takes an interest in his sense of style, and who is not afraid to experiment with fashion. The line they draw between classic and contemporary also makes the Lyle and Scott brand ideal for those men who are just embarking on the road to fashion greatness, there is very little room for error with this style of clothing, and fashion faux pas are extremely difficult to make. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: