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Lure prostitution case children behind the "underground river" – Sohu Beijing News News yesterday, WeChat launched the "girl astray | lure, to force a 17 year old girl" 13 year old girl into prostitution after the release of a text, the reader comments comments, sigh sadly. Today this is the follow-up, than children on the case. The movie "melting pot". Pictures from the network. Pay attention to the Beijing News, reply, see "girl" prequel "girl astray | lure, 13 year old girl forced prostitution 17 years old girl". Yang Jie’s home in a typical rural areas in Xiangxi, a house located in the green hills, Yang house is a yellow orange forest. A small bed in the room corner Yang Jie, revealing a large cotton quilt, no painted wall pasted on the cartoon. A photo of family retained, Yang Jie is not tall, thin face. It is difficult for you to associate her with the temptation, introduction, and forced prostitution case. In May this year, Hunan Zhangjiajie Cili County police cracked the case; at the end of October, Cili County People’s Court of first instance of the case verdict, 7 people were sentenced. Shockingly, 17 suspected criminals, 11 minors, including 5 students, and 6 people dropped out of school. 3 victims, 2 people under the age of 14, just over the age of 1 people aged 14. Another two public officials – Cili County Fire Brigade original instructor Lee, Cili County tax bureau former party members, discipline inspection team leader Liu involved. The former has been removed from office. The latter has been removed from office, expelled from the party and the public. As one of the main criminal cases, Yang Jie forced a girl under the age of 14 prostitution. Before the incident, she just turned 16 years old, is also a child. Underground lake, which is a case involving juvenile bullying incident: in mid May, less than 14 years old junior high school student Li Wen was beaten by Yang Jie, and others, such as. In his father Li Jiang’s questioning, she said forced prostitution, refused to be beaten after. Li Jiang alarm. Police as a clue, cracked the case. Before the incident, Li Jiang has been the daughter assured the child 65 meters, big general should not dare to bully her child." Even now, Li Jiang is in confusion, "Yang Jie Wang Xiu, the two girls thin little daughter how to recognize their abuse?" That is Li Jiang can not imagine a "lake". Wang Xiu is a high school student, in the description of the same school students, she is a mixed society, everyone heard her name." Students often see her and the young people in the community to stay at the school gate. Wang Xiu’s school students, school, some students like Wang Xiu, often appear in and out of school youth campus gate, the students privately said these people "social brother" and "sister society", can not easily provoke. Yang Jie’s rivers and lakes fame greater. A villager village said, "she is in a mixed society, the little girl is not simple." Grandpa Yang Maosheng, Yang Jie middle school, grades in the class ranks. Before the exam, she had a car accident, the result is not as good as the piano相关的主题文章: