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Love of literature — Hainan channel, October 15, 2016 General Secretary Xi Jinping, general secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Forum on the two anniversary. At the forum, Xi Jinping proposed "adhere to the people-centered creation, the creation of more worthy of good works" era, sounded promote the prosperity and development of the collection of literary and artistic creation. Two years, the literary front to seriously study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, advancing and changing gratifying, the emergence of a number of outstanding literary works. Today, we collected some published stories he read classical literature and its literary work of Xi Jinping tells the readers. We can feel from the speech of the power of thought, experience to the general secretary of the deep love of literature. Editor’s 1983, Xi Jinping in the office of Hebei zhengding. Xinhua News Agency issued the "patriotism" of my life is the pursuit of the goal of my literary works are mostly in their teens, then see more of a political class of books. I remember when I was very young, it is estimated that five or six years old, my mother took me to buy books. At that time, my mother in the Central Party school work. From the Central Party school to Xiyuan on the road, there is a Xinhua bookstore. I was lazy and didn’t want to walk, and my mother took me there to buy Yue Fei’s comic book. At that time there are two versions, one is "Yue Fei", a lot of this, there is a "cizi mother-in-law"; another version is specifically about sake of this story, my mother bought me. Buy back, she told me the story of theirmotherland and cizi mother-in-law. I said, the word thorn up, much pain ah! My mother said, is painful, but the heart Ming remember. "Patriotism" four words, I at that time to now, it is my life goal. At that time can be found in classical literature I have read self-cultivation, regulating the family, country and the world, of our generation grew up by such thoughts. When I went to the countryside, I was 15 years old. I think at that time, family, country and the world is not up to us to do, we now can only do one thing, is reading, self-cultivation. "The lack of some knowledge, ashamed, I made such a request. At that time, in addition to work, one is to integrate into the masses, and then another is looking for books, reading. We in that time, the exchange is also books. I am Beijing Bayi school, along with Tsinghua high school, fifty-seven middle school, some students in these schools are erudite through paternal teaching and influence. We are carrying books to the countryside, exchange between each other. In that environment, there is such a love reading small climate. At that time, I actually found a lot of good books in rural teachers, such as "red and black", "war and peace", as well as some of the ancient textbooks, such as the Qing Dynasty textbooks, textbooks, such as the Ming dynasty. It is no exaggeration to say that at that time the literary classics, can find I have read, and now blurted out what was read at that time. "Can I have a lot of aphorisms in Sanyan" back down "Cultural Revolution", we moved to the Central Party school. According to the requirements of the time, the central相关的主题文章: