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"Love forever" hit   Liu Tao Huang Jue was "slapping" — entertainment channel, directed by Liu Xin, Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Ye Zuxin, Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng, Pan Chen, who starred in the city emotional drama "love forever" is Zhejiang TV China blue theater hit. The focus of two generations of people’s emotional life, tells the story of a family of four people each one has its own merits of love story. Just launched, Liu Tao and Huang Jue staged a general turmoil the "slapping" drama, let the fans be startled at; in addition, played in the drama "golden boy" Ye Zuxin is bold broke himself in front of and behind the scenes "two faces", let the independent radio drama is full of surprise. General Liu Tao was slapped Huang Jue domineering: in fact, this movie I am, last week launched the "love wanwansui" is the second collaboration between Huang Jue and Liu Tao, the "Taotao feel" CP in recent years in the TV drama are changing the image, created a unique and distinctive film roles. The co starred in "love forever", Liu Tao will be the year following the "Ode to joy" after the return of Zhejiang satellite TV stage, and played the same high degree, high salary and high value of "three Yan goddess" Jin Na; Huang Jue is named for the first time since the challenge the role of a single father, completely subvert their consistent interpretation in on the screen of the vagabond image, in life, honest personality change radically "single father" Wu ". The thought that two people will meet in "love" absolutely sweet encounter or trouble, who knows in the first episode aired, the two first met unexpectedly staged all martial arts, has always been to "aggressive offensive" image shows Liu Tao Huang Jue was slapped. In fact, the two meet for the first time in the play, the Wu is in the life of the trough, love and career experience made him very "". But is she did not give up on themselves, and strive to operate their own family, just let Jin Na see the flash point him, only the next section of this bizarre twists and turns of love tour. "Love" Ye Zuxin light up sister behind the scenes of "two faces" in addition to the story twists and turns Liu Tao and Huang Jue two people, "Jin Bo played by Ye Zuxin love wanwansui" and played by Pan Chen Julia 90 this couple’s story also quite aspect. They are all the same family spoiled neet, Wanwusangzhi, full of unknown love leisure and hate labour, for their own life. But two people know just be strangers to each other in the bar, they both fall in love, then the plot is rapidly staged a "flash from the flash marriage" love story, let Kaili Zhang’s mother almost unable to resist sustain the blows of gold. Although the "love forever" plays "the family" the youngest brother, and Ye Zuxin young and energetic image is very fit, but he admits that he is in fact drama "two faces". The play of Jin Bo is 90 network writer a "negative energy bursting, the cause of completely not hard, or even in a muddle along and then the state, but in fact he called himself" the old Bacon ", regardless of people doing things or life attitude and drama from the little brother spoiled by the Kim family the huge difference. Also in the emotional aspect, the play相关的主题文章: