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Love lost micro class [twenty-second] on the issue of pregnancy hemorrhoids with pen – Sohu maternal and child micro classroom [lesson twenty-second]: how to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy? The following is the arrangement of curriculum content, Miss moms come strong crowd ~ good evening, I am Vista gangchangke experts Fan Xueshun, today I am very glad to be here to share with you about the pregnant woman hemorrhoids topic, please if you have any questions can be put forward, I will do what I can give you the answer. We all know hemorrhoids is a common disease, the ancients had nine out of ten hemorrhoids said, and, in women during pregnancy hemorrhoids higher incidence, according to preliminary statistics, the incidence rate of pregnant women is probably up to about 76%. The main causes are the following four aspects: 1, uterus and rectum is due to uterine pregnancy increases gradually, the effect of static external hemorrhoids at the terminal rectum reflux, then rushed out by the static expansion height, it is easy to cause disease hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids. 2, pregnancy, uterine compression of rectum, and exercise is relatively reduced, so it is easy to cause constipation, make constipation worse, this is so forced defecation, original hemorrhoids, or had hemorrhoids can also cause hemorrhoids. 3, pregnancy, pelvic artery blood flow increased, the original hyperemia hemorrhoidal artery is excessive, because we all know that the hemorrhoids is mainly vascular lesions, then the arterial blood flow through the blood vessels to dilate, so easily lead to hemorrhoids bleeding, so it is easy to appear in the late of the blood. 4, the effects of progesterone, progesterone and relaxin can dilate blood vessels, tissues, relaxation, physiological factors above, especially the previous hemorrhoids pregnant women more susceptible to seizures, it makes the expansion of blood vessels, especially before the prolapse in patients with a history of more serious in late pregnancy. We are in clinical common six months after the pregnancy of women, hemorrhoids take out, can’t go back. So, the pain caused by pregnant women very late, because hemorrhoids edema, congestion, pain, more prone to constipation, patients want to repair after a long period of time, so there is the hemorrhoids patients, if at the time of pregnancy should think about whether to do surgery in advance. This late lest cause unnecessary pain for yourself. If the pregnancy really got hemorrhoids how to do? I think it should be according to the disease, were treated with different ways, if the disease is mild, hemorrhoids prolapse is very small, or anal pain is not very serious, I should try not to use drug therapy, if there is edema, can eat honey with a spoonful of sugar to mix, then external hemorrhoids, to reduce swelling and pain the purpose of. If pregnant women have constipation, eat more fruits and vegetables, when necessary to add some honey, usually keep the stool, if the effect is not obvious, it should also take into account of the impact of small Chinese medicine during pregnancy, treatment with these drugs, because if you use drugs, most drugs can enter the fetus through the placenta, so during pregnancy, especially try not to use the early drug treatment, of course, even if pregnant. I also advocate more exercise, don’t lie, so can ~ gastrointestinal motility相关的主题文章: