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[long] the depth of the second-hand car dealer’s customer center in the end how to play?? The car used car – Sohu Chinese from media alliance members (please indicate the source) to why many second-hand car dealer’s customer service department (customer service center), less attention, less investment, no company resources right to speak in the company? Customer service center can only be a fire department? Customer service center in the end is not important? How to do a good job? Ma Yun in Chinese insurance development annual meeting said that Ali sales service, customer service outsourcing firm may not, because if you do not know what the customer complaints, what is love, a person wearing ten clothes you don’t know is winter or summer! The sale can not be outsourced, because the sales line is a place to contact with customers, know what customers need, what the market competition! For the second-hand car dealer sales service, everyone has to do with the customer service level, but has failed to keep up with! So, the car customer service in the end how important, in order to improve the service level, and need to do what? In fact, the Liang said the customer service center, and not simply as the 10086 customer call center in that department, we don’t have such a car dealer call center. The customer service center mainly refers to 400 telephone operators, customers, customers can unified back online Q & a product line member, salesman, customer service service support staff and other related work (personnel mainly by phone or online contact with the customer), above the relevant personnel belonging to the general enterprise market department! Hereinafter referred to as customer service center! The Liang from the following analysis of the current car dealers in the business service center problems! At present, what are the problems existing in the customer center of the automobile business? What are the main reasons leading to the above problems? What is the value of the customer center? To solve the problem, what to do? At present what are the problems of car dealer’s customer center? No relevant functions to 1 part of the enterprise a lot of cars company store can be found, the organizational structure of the company basically is the manager, purchasing department, sales department, service department, financial department, license department, personnel department, marketing department…… The marketing department is basically related to corporate marketing related functions, but there is no set up a dedicated customer service staff. Of course, some companies said, I have 400 phone calls, but I did not guess wrong, he is a network sales staff or an assistant! In this regard, it does not mean that the need to set up a special person, but must be clear to the customer service division of the customer service center, who is part of the job, it is a secondary issue! 2 telephone rate can not be guaranteed "welcome to XX cars square, your call is connecting, please wait…… Welcome to XX cars square, your call is connecting, please wait……" Do very professional customized ringing tone! But, bosses, when you don’t notify the customer center,!相关的主题文章: