Listed for six months by the Commission warning letter Gold Emblem Wine dividend events cited concer zhongguorentiyishu

First half of the year listed by the Commission warning letter gold emblem of wine without bonus event attention by the Commission listed half warning letter gold emblem of wine without dividend event attention to increase the performance of Qu Lili conceal irregularities known as "the southern Gansu" said regional liquor brand gold emblem of wine in the first half of the annual report of the usher in the market at the same time, also received the warning letter from the commission. In August 29th, the gold emblem of wine released after the listing of the first semi annual report data show that 1~6 months, gold emblem of wine achieved operating income of 673 million 823 thousand and 700 yuan, an increase of 15.89%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 114 million 410 thousand and 700 yuan, an increase of 47.44%; basic earnings per share 0.47 yuan, an increase of 44.10%. From the point of view of growth, Gold Emblem Wine in the entire wine sector among the best. However, in the previous August 27th, the gold emblem of wine is the board of directors of the Limited by Share Ltd announced that the receipt of Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission to take regulatory measures issued "on the letter of warning decision on gold emblem of wine Limited by Share Ltd" (No. [2016]53), the company in the IPO process, there did not fulfill the active obligation. Change has been submitted to the prospectus of profit distribution information act ", and therefore an apology to investors. In this regard, the rule of senior media people Fenmian week told "Chinese business newspaper" reporter: "whether the prospectus is a sort of things without dividends, not easy to cause great new shareholder rights litigation, but net profit of over 40% of the Gold Emblem Wine performance report, but will greatly dispel the enthusiasm of the shareholders to participate in the new play a lawsuit." The growth performance of dilute violations despite repeated prospectus to dividends, but had to admit that the gold emblem of wine semi annual results for modesty, and largely out of violations of accountability power. As of August 29, 2016, semi annual report of 18 listed companies in the liquor industry show, in addition to net profit Tuopai willing, Shuijingfang and the Kouzijiao (net profit here return to shareholders of the listed company growth) were 243.53%, 81.55% and 49.08%, the Gold Emblem Wine net profit growth was fourth, 47.44%. At the same time, gold emblem of wine is to achieve the development of high-end liquor brands from low to high-end liquor brand restructuring, semi annual report shows that the company has become the main force of the company’s high profile product sales. In the semi annual report released before, Northeast Securities research has shown that, with the upgrading of consumption, consumption is the pattern of the liquor market in low-grade liquor products to high-end liquor products transition, company income, high-end products accounted for ratio increased from 78.67% in 2013 to 90.17% in 2015, it became the company’s advantage product. Companies to raise funds for the transformation of high-quality wine brewing technology, after the completion of the project, high, medium and low yield of three types of products can reach 15%: 50%: 35%, in line with the development trend of the industry and the company’s development相关的主题文章: