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Lin Yongjian, Sun Jun school according to   users: a look at her! – Entertainment Channel — original title: Lin Yongjian Sun Jun school according to friends: a look that is real! The annual school season begins, students return to school and start a new life. Actor Lin Yongjian drying out a few big enough to go to school with a bag of photos in micro-blog, and with the text said "ah do small child, Beiqishubao school. Boy: life begins". It is understood that September 1st is the first day of school, but also completed primary school officially promoted to become a primary school days, drawing large plate carrying a small bag with all kinds of tricks smiled very cute. Another new chapter is about to transition to life, the baby seemed particularly excited and looking forward to, last year also looked at the little big Jun the twinkling of an eye into the first grade school gate, the first step to study the long road, we could not help but sigh time flies, hope in the next career high school learning method industry progress, healthy and happy to spend every day. Many sharp eyed Netizens found that laughing small eyes two front teeth look more and more like his father Lin Yongjian, have lamented the genes too powerful, more netizens message said: "Mr. Lin, see your childhood, you’re a mold carved out!" "Certainly is the biological drop ha ha ha" and "a look that is natural, not the next pharaoh". (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: