Limited competition to promote micro-blog shares soared 175% market capitalization approaching twitt foxpro6.0免费下载

Limited competition promote micro-blog shares soared 175% to market fast approaching Twitter micro-blog Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 14th news, foreign media published an article that micro-blog dominates the Chinese social media market, a position to support the company’s revenue prospects. Limited competition to promote micro-blog shares soared 175%, the market value approaching Twitter. In contrast, Twitter faces Facebook, Instagram and other companies continue to exert pressure on the competition, the stock price continues to decline, deep selling rumors. At first glance, Twitter and micro-blog have a lot of similarities. Most of the revenue from the two companies are advertising, both on the 140 character limit increased flexibility, but also often caught in the rumors of the acquisition. However, a significant difference between the two companies is: their share price movements. Twitter shares have fallen more than 20% this year. At the same time, micro-blog’s dominant position in the Chinese market to support the company’s revenue prospects, driven by micro-blog shares soared nearly two times. Micro-blog’s current market capitalization of about $11 billion, is rapidly approaching Twitter’s $12 billion 600 million. Just last year, Twitter’s market capitalization reached $34 billion. And micro-blog is different, Twitter faces Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other companies continue to exert competitive pressures. "Due to the lack of Twitter, YouTube and other foreign competitors, micro-blog is the only social media platform China," Morningstar analyst Marie · (Marie Sun); Sun said, "because of strict supervision, foreign social media companies can not enter the market China. Therefore, micro-blog seize the opportunity for development."   the two companies in the opposite direction by virtue of an increase of 33% in June this year, an active user of 282 million, micro-blog monthly active users has exceeded Twitter. Although Tencent holding WeChat has more than 806 million monthly active users, but the platform is provided with different functions. WeChat is a full range of private messaging applications, the integration of Facebook, Uber and many other applications. Micro-blog is the first platform for users to find and share information on the public account. At the same time, micro-blog’s advertising revenue has grown 45%. Alibaba holdings earlier this year, micro-blog shares, showing increased confidence in micro-blog. Micro-blog’s market capitalization approaching Twitter micro-blog shares hit a record high since Monday’s initial public offering (IPO) since 2014. In contrast, due to the slowdown in revenue growth, user growth is almost stagnant, Twitter shares have fallen below $26 in 2013 IPO issue price. Analysts now expect Twitter’s revenue next year at $2 billion 850 million, down from $4 billion 300 million a year ago. Twitter monthly active users in the first quarter grew by 3%. Twitter and micro-blog spokesman declined to comment on share price performance..相关的主题文章: