Lignum the first available VR handle on Apple phones 法拉利599gto

LIGNUM: Apple mobile phone on the first available VR handle this year for a year and be in full swing of the VR industry, recently finally diminished the limelight. Whether it is equipment, content or penetration rate, VR industry has a long way to go. Although this year there have been a lot of VR and one machine head was available, but when it comes to VR equipment, most want to taste fresh game player most likely to start or mobile VR, mobile phone use is collocation of VR glasses. Like Google Cardboard this wanpiao product and the followers are popular, the reason is nothing more than two words: cheap. Although cheap, but the pursuit or the pursuit of. Want to get a more immersive VR experience, a good handle is also indispensable. In this wave of VR, Apple seems to be slower than other leaders to take a few steps, so far there is no official launch of related products. Although the mobile VR has been adapted for Apple’s mobile phone products, but whether it is Samsung Gear or Google’s Daydream, which is equipped with the handle is tailored for the Android system. But the good news is that apple can now use the VR handle. Remoria from Italy VR, launched a Lignumdd called VR handle, designed specifically for the IOS system, becoming the first VR iPhone handle. Lignum shape is very small, weighing only 50 grams, the use of the bottom of the USB interface charging. At the top of the switch, the front has a joystick and a A button, B C button on the back. It is the inertial unit configuration of high precision electronic compass, gyroscope and accelerometer, used to achieve the positioning and movement tracking system, supports 24 kinds of gestures preset, and can reach below 10 ms delay. When used, the need for Lignum and support Bluetooth LE 4.1 4.2 mobile phone Bluetooth pairing, to achieve the required high-speed data transmission. Lignum also applies to Android, Windows and other major platforms. Lignum is not only a peripheral project, research and development team is also making the content oriented developer SDK, has completed the Unity3D program, and the next goal is the Unreal Engine 4, which need to rely on the support of the congregation. Source: intelligent hardware Station   Author: Marcia Zhai相关的主题文章: