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Liaoning yesterday 3 billion 100 million ranked fourteenth nationwide consumer Alibaba data, all day long double 11 turnover of 120 billion 700 million yuan, the highest single day sales record of global retail business history. A total of 11 double Liaoning lost 3146916215 yuan, the purchase amount in the country ranked fourteenth in the provinces and cities. Liaoning took 14 hours and 18 minutes beyond the last purchase, only 5 hours and 57 minutes more than the previous year’s purchases, the great strides exceeding the speed higher than most provinces and cities in china. The total turnover of the 11 double Tmall with more than 6:54 sales in 2014, Liaoning faster than Tmall. The most popular commodity Liaoning is the first mobile phone, followed by facial care products, wool coat, boots, jacket. Liaoning online shopping consumers 63% of women, and 37% of men. 26-35 year old consumers accounted for the largest, followed by less than 25 years of age consumers, consumers accounted for less than 41 years of age, accounting for the proportion of 36-40 years of age. Consumer groups, the highest proportion of employees of the company, followed by the student population, followed by self-employed personnel, staff, civil servants. Consumer groups around the population were below 35 years old young accounted for an absolute proportion yesterday out of large screen provinces consumption chart, 26 -35 years old people are dominated, 25 years and 25 years of age the buyers accounted for very large. More than 36 years of age and over the age of 36 accounted for the proportion of consumers are much lower than those under the age of 35 and under the age of 35. Yesterday the ant payment service CEO well Yin Dong said, double 11 day with flowers to pay consumers ants chant, 80 and 90 together accounted for more than 80%, younger trend is quite obvious. (Peninsula morning news network reporter Zhao Hui, Haili power from Shenzhen)相关的主题文章: