Liaoning to invest 928 million 700 thousand yuan in Yingkou by Xinjiang Wusu fruitful – Liaoning

Liaoning to invest 928 million 700 thousand yuan in Yingkou by Xinjiang Wusu fruitful – Liaoning channel — original title: Liaoning has invested 928 million 700 thousand yuan in Yingkou Wusu fruitful reconstruction since the new round of aid work carried out in Liaoning City, Yingkou City, the construction of the park as the carrier, to cultivate the supporting industry as the key to grasp the service, vigorously promote aid Wusu city work, actively enhance the ability of self-development, and achieved good results. Yuanjiang work carried out for five years, Liaoning Yingkou implemented a total of 63 key projects Yuanjiang, covering economic, livelihood projects, construction and other aspects of basic positions, a total investment of 928 million 980 thousand yuan, of which 3.2729 yuan of funds Yuanjiang million. At the same time, Yingkou city to further promote industrial cooperation with the city of Wusu, to actively select outstanding cadres and personnel support to help Wusu Wusu, cadres, personnel education and training work. The Yuanjiang work and carry out, and comprehensively promote economic development, social construction and Ursula cadres and personnel construction. Strong support for the realization of Wusu economic construction in Tacheng Wusu region to lead the development of gas power. To speed up the construction of new industrialization in wusu. In Yuanjiang work, the implementation of the project business park construction in small and medium sized enterprises in Yingkou City, a total investment of 440 million 180 thousand yuan, of which Yingkou Yuanjiang funds 143 million 490 thousand yuan, at present, a period of two, has completed 48 standardized plant and facilities construction, 25 enterprises settled, settled enterprises after all of the expected. Can drive the employment of 2500 people, the output value of 1 billion 400 million yuan, profits of 180 million yuan. At the same time, Wusu city, relying on Liaoning talent, technology and industrial advantages, combined with their own reality, to improve the preparation of the petroleum chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, agricultural and sideline products deep processing, new building materials and modern logistics, occupation education development planning, accelerate the construction of equipment manufacturing Industrial Park, new building materials Park, majike Petrochemical Industrial Park seven major industrial park Liaoning Petrochemical Design Institute; commissioned to complete the preparation of "Wusu Petrochemical Park (majike Park) overall planning" and "Wusu Petrochemical Park (majike Park) controlled detailed planning", laid a solid foundation for further speeding up the construction of new industrialization. As of now, majike Park and industrial park has completed three of the factory building 24 building standard, the supporting infrastructure is gradually improving. To promote the development of modern animal husbandry wusu. In recent years, city efforts to accelerate the development of modern animal husbandry, animal husbandry and the location for the breakthrough point of growth of income of farmers and herdsmen. In Yuanjiang work, the implementation of the multi type fetal sheep Wusu cultivation base construction projects, a total investment of 55 million yuan, of which Yingkou Yuanjiang funds 16 million yuan, completed the sheep research building and supporting facilities, the 18 grade two propagation model field and multi fetal sheep farming area, 17 thousand acres of forage base, 5 standard housing construction work, in order to improve the level of development of modern animal husbandry Ursula, a substantial increase in sheep farmers income opened up a new road. Deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two places. The two sides rely on the project, targeted for convergence and cooperation. Wusu city has with Yingkou)相关的主题文章: